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Welcome to True Sports Legacy!  If you are looking for the best online sports training workouts and programs to help you get better at your favorite sport then you came to the right place.  Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, hockey, baseball, or any other team or individual sport we have the best sports specific training programs that will turn you into a True Sports Legacy!

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to hire a specialized coach or sports trainer to help them get better at sports.  There are a lot of great resources online for people just like this where you can train for your sport on your own time.  Here are our picks for the best online sport specific training programs!

Sport Specific Online Training Programs

Best Basketball Training Programs

basketball training program

Best Baseball Training Programs

                     Best Football Training Programsfootball training program

Best Hockey Training Programs 

Best Soccer Training Programs  

Best Volleyball Training Program

Volleyball Magic


Best Lacrosse Training Program

BTB Players Manual

lacrosse training program btp players manual

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