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Quality: HD
Title : Fifty Shades Darker
Director : James Foley.
Release : 2017-02-08
Language : English
Runtime : 118 min.
Genre : Drama, Romance.
Synopsis :

Movie Fifty Shades Darker was released in February 8, 2017 in genre Drama. James Foley was directed this movie and starring by Dakota Johnson. This movie tell story about When a wounded Christian Grey tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christians past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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bozo bumping volleyball drill

Bozo Bumping Volleyball Drill

Volleyball Bumping Drill

Growing up as a kid I used to watch a program called Bozo the Clown.  They had all kinds of fun games, skits and clowning around.  I used to love watch kids play Bozo’s Buckets.  Truth be told, I still like playing it.   

Six buckets would be arranged in a line and the participant would be given ping pong balls.  The player would have to first try and get their ball into bucket 1, then bucket 2 and so on.  Each bucket would be just a little bit farther from the thrower than the last.  You couldn’t skip any buckets and you had to go in order.  

This is where this drill, Bozo Bumping, originates.  Locate some 20-35 gallon trash cans. If you are in a school, you should be able to locate at least six of them.  Otherwise, a local hardware store will have them.  

Line the buckets in progressing distance from the bumping line.  Have you or another player stand behind the last bucket with the balls.  Have your other players line up and get ready for Bozo Bumping.  

You toss the ball to the player and they have to bump the ball into bucket 1.  If they make it, they are still in the game and move to the back of the line.  If they miss, they are out till the next round.  

Each player bumps to bucket 1 until everyone has had a chance.  Now move onto bucket 2 and repeat until you reach the last bucket.  For those that miss, have them take a ball and bump to themselves a predetermined number in a row.  You can have them bump against a wall a certain number of times in a row too.  Have a reward for the person(s) who make bump it into bucket 6.  

This drill is excellent for passing control and passing accuracy.

1.    Throw from different angles to increase the difficulty.
2.    Use smaller buckets.  Five gallon buckets are extremely difficult.  Make sure you have some weight in the bottom to keep your buckets from tipping over.
3.    Do the same drill but have your players set the ball instead of bumping it.
4.    See how far the team can get doing it together.  Run the drill as before but the second person in line goes for bucket 2 and so on.  Remember, a miss means you start at the beginning.  
5.    Divide your teams into two groups and see which group completes Bozo Bumping first.  You will need more buckets for this option.

If you like these drills, then you’re gonna love what’s inside Volleyball Magic. Take a few minutes to go have a look.

VolleyballMagic com

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Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs

Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs

The Throw Cheese Nutrient System

Here’s Part-3 to Zach Calhoon’s building power faster series.  Parts one through two:
  • Talked about timing your nutrients, AND
  • Discussed the hormonal changes needed to take advantage of the “anabolic window” right after you train.
Part-3 will go into the three stages of muscle growth.
Yes, the topic can be a little complex. It was for me, but the more you read it over, the better it sticks.  
I think this is the most important post (of the 3) because it helps tie everything together… 

Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs ====> CLICK HERE to read Part-3

In Part-3, Zach goes into detail about the 3-stages of his nutritional timing system:

  • The Power Stage
  • The Anabolic Stage, and
  • The Rebuild Stage.
These are all natural (non-PED) processes in the body.  But if you don’t give it the resources it needs (and at the right time), then the athlete will be WASTING their time during training on the field and in the weight room.
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2 Simple Basketball Dribbling Tips

2 Simple Basketball Dribbling TipsEver watched an NBA playoff and realized how great your favorite point guard is at handling the rock?   First thing, notice that ball handling, does not only increases your game, but others’ game as well by stretching the defense, making it easier for players to attack, shoot, etc.  Notice any ELITE player in the game today, doesn’t even have to be college, NBA, overseas, NCAA, even some top high school players.
What do they all have in common?  They all can handle the heck outta the rock.  I mean, they can dribble, and literally get to anywhere on the court in a matter of seconds with ease.  So these are the tips I’m going to share with you today. Ready?
1. Use your fingertips when you dribble. 
Don’t use your palm.  Your dribble is going to come out weak, unstable, and you will easily lose the ball.  Instead, dribble with your finger tips, constantly pounding the ball hard into the ground.  
2. Protect the ball when dribbling. 
This is something that I see players far too often screw up on. They do everything correctly, but end up leaving the ball in front of them, exposed.  The defender swipes and boom, the ball is lost
and it’s going the other way.  Instead, seal the defender off with your body if you’re driving, drop that shoulder and protect the ball with your body. 
If you’ll notice, any great point guard do that A LOT. Every single time the opponents would crowd him or guard him up close, he would simply stick his body out and put himself in between the defender and the ball, so they couldn’t get to it.
For more basketball ball handling tips visit Effective Ball Handling!

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15 Minute Ball Handling Basketball Workout

Improve Ball Handling Skills – 15 minute Workout

This is a 15 minute basketball workout to help improve and sharpen a players ball control. Each drill lasts for 30 seconds, but the final part is a free style dribble that lasts for 1 minute….

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Source: Online Basketball Coaching

Basketball Dodge Ball – Fun Ball Handling Drill For Youth …
Basketball Dodge Ball – Fun Ball Handling Drill For Youth Coaches. The following is a fun drill to break up the monotony of practice and livening things up. It is designed to improve your players… Share and Enjoy. Digg.

Ball-Handling/Dribbling Circle Drills – The Coach’s Clipboard
This is a list of stationary basketball ball-handling and dribbling drills done with all the players in a circle.

Bored With Your Ball-Handling Drills? 4 New Workouts …
STACK expert Kyle Ohman provides four ball-handling workouts with more than 50 excellent basketball ball-handling drills for guards. Check them out.

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5 Man Basketball Weave – How To Do The 5 Man Dribbling Weave

5 Man Weave Video & Diagram Demonstration

Written By: Lamar Hull @ Google+


The 5 man weave basketball drill is a great passing drill to get your players to work on their ability to pass to each other, learn spacing and movement, focus on passing up the court versus dribbling, communicating with each other by calling out the players name that they pass it to, finishing layups, transition offense, and more. This 5 man weave demonstration includes a video and diagram.


  • Focus on hard and crisp chest passing (4-6 passes)
  • Have each passer call their teammate’s name
  • Players should keep their spacing so that the weave doesn’t get confusing
  • Left hand lay-ups on the left side, right hand lay-ups on the right side (shouldn’t miss lay-ups)
  • Players have to sprint and be ready for the pass
  • Keep running the drill continuous and don’t let the ball touch the ground (check out the 5 man weave video below)
  • After the pass each player sprints behind two players as the ball is passed up the court

5 man weaveInstructions:

  • The ball starts with player 1. Player 1 passes the basketball to player 2 who is to his/her right
  • Player 1 then sprints behind players 3 and 2
  • Player 2 catches the pass from player 1 and then passes to player 4 who is to his/her left and then sprints behind player 5
  • Player 4 passes to player 3 who is to his/her right and then sprints behind player 1
  • Player 3 passes to player 5 who is to his/her left and then sprints behind player 2
  • Player 5 passes ahead to player 1 and then sprints behind player 4
  • Player 1 passes to player 2 for a layup

5 man weave Video

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5 man weave video demonstration

The post 5 Man Weave – Learn how to do the 5 man weave appeared first on Inspirational Basketball.

Source: Inspirational Basketball Training

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How To Fix Your Crossover Dribbling In Basketball

Master The Crossover

If you want to take your basketball game to the next level, then you need to master the crossover dribble sildenafil citrate tablets 100mg.  Here are some crossover dribbling tips and tricks to help you become a better ball handler.
1. Staying Low.
A lot of high school players have the problem of staying up too high when crossing over, or just dribble in general.  This causes the defender to anticipate the crossover.  It also makes it extremely easy for you to get ripped.
The higher up you are, the higher the chance of the ball being up there as well, which makes it an easy target for good defenders. 
I also want you to notice how whenever a college player crosses over, they’re low.  They’re in an athletic stance.  And they’re ready to attack the rim, pull up, etc.
2. Use Your Body/Head More.
Think of any effective crossover.  What do they all have in common? Staying low. Check.  Body/Head movement? Check.
The reason being, it’s important to fully shift your body to act like you’re going one way.  This means you literally need to throw your shoulders and body into one direction, just to crossover
the other way.
Another thing is your head movement.  Your eyes and where they are looking, give a lot to your defender. Including where you want to go. So if you use your eyes correctly, looking the way
you’re faking to, the defender might be more committed to stopping you.  Which means what?
You can now blow by him with ease. You need to fully commit, your whole body, otherwise, the defender won’t pick up on it at all. Simple as that.
3. Most Players Are Crossing Over Incorrectly.
This one is HUGE.  I’ve seen plenty (hundreds) of different trainers teach the cross over flat-out wrong.  As a result, players do it wrong.  And that’s something you picked up on watching
college ball.  And there is a reason for this.  That reason, is outlined in this presentation:
Whether it be season playoffs, AAU tryouts, Or you just wanna get better…
A crossover is something that NEEDS to be in your toolkit. Without it, it’s almost impossible to play college ball as a guard.

SDH Presents Behind the Back Dribble Crossover Tips …
When you’re first learning how to do the behind the back crossover dribble in basketball it can be a bit tough. Getting this move down takes some practice, but not just any practice – smart practice! Follow the tips in this video to …

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12 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Program

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans

Triathlon Personal Trainer

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triathlon personal trainers

Triathlon Personal Trainers Jess & Davey

This is a complete 12 week sprint triathlon training program from two of the best triathlon personal trainers in the country, Jess and Davey.  They provide you with everything you need to learn how to train for a sprint triathlon.  The 12 week triathlon training course is completely video based. Every week you will get a new training video that will cover each aspect of the triathlon, bike training, swim training, and run training.

After each training video, the trainers will give you an assignment where you will learn how to train during that week.  The way the videos are put together and organized is very systematic and makes training for your next triathlon very manageable.

Along with the triathlon training videos each week, you will get access to a printable triathlon training diary or log.  Each week your training is laid out for you with everything you need to know like what workouts you need to complete each day.  The logs also help keep you on track with their Flex-Schedule and gives you a review of each weeks bonus Mental Edge training videos.

Here’s a brief review of what is included in the Triathlon Personal Trainer’s 12 week sprint triathlon training program:

  • Exclusive access to their online website that only members can view
  • Three triathlon stretching routines, one for swimming, running, and biking to help reduce injuries
  • Triathlon transition tips and tacticstriathlon transition tips
  • Suggestions on how to overcome different situations during your training and triathlon
  • Triathlon Checklist to help you get ready for race day
  • Tips for race day and what you should be doing and when
  • Bonus Life coaching videos from Coach Doug every week
  • Personal contact information of your personal trainers so you can ask questions
  • Tips on how to overcome the fear of the crowded open waters
  • Triathlon training diary sent every week that tells you exactly what workout and training you should be doingtriathlon strength training workout
  • 12 Week sprint triathlon training schedule of detailed swimming, biking and running triathlon training videos
  • Triathlon swim workouts videos that help make you a better and more confident swimmer
  • Triathlon bike training videos that will help not only improve your speed, but your endurance so you will have energy for your run
  • Learn how to improve your running form with unique running techniques that will make running much easier and more fun
  • Triathlon strength workouts aimed at improving your endurance and tone up as well.

As you can see this a comprehensive sprint triathlon training program that anyone serious about reaching their personal best should follow.  If you want to see a sample workout click below and see how awesome this triathlon training program is!

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Triathlon Training For Dummies

Preparing For A Triathlon:  Best Triathlon Training Programs

The Complete Guide to Sprint Triathlon Training
print triathlon training program

triathlon trainers

Kevin Koskella & Ron Saetermoe

This triathlon training program is developed by two renowned triathlon trainers, Keven Koskella and Ron Saetermoe.  They have been training athletes around the world for years to reach their personal best in triathlons and have put together a proven and perfected triathlon formula for the public.  The plan is extremely simple to follow with a easy to understand training plan for your next triathlon.  It included everything you need to know about training for a triathlon including cycling, swimming, running, strength training, nutrition, rules, equipment, and much more.

Check out what’s included in their new guide called The Complete Guide to Sprint Triathlon Training:

  • sprint triathlon training guide_optComprehensive sprint training program that includes both advanced and beginner plans.
  • 3 easy swimming techniques that will improve your time.
  • 3 methods to reducing recovery time.
  • How to improve running endurance in 3 simple steps.
  • 2 important and easy things to do to improve your race day confidence.
  • Learn what you should do when developing your triathlon training schedule.
  • How to breath more effectively when swimming.
  • 6 ways to improve your sprint triathlon time.
  • How to get triathlon gear on the cheap and save on training resources.
  • Tips on how to start the beginning of the triathlon.
  • Stretching recommendations to prevent injury during training and race day.

This is just a little of what you will learn with Kevin and Ron’s Sprint Triathlon Training guide.  They are also throwing in some awesome bonuses if you click on the link below!

⇒The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming:  Full triathlon swim workouts that will help you master the swimming portion of the triathlon.
⇒Ben Greenfield’s E-Health Handbook of Diet & Fitness Secrets:  Find out what you need to be eating and how to burn more fat during training.
⇒Interview With One of The Most Passionate and Inspiring Triathlon Coaches Chris Janzen

Click below to get instant access and get the FREE bonuses!

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