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Aliso Viejo to hold free USTA Tennis event – OCRegister

OCRegisterAliso Viejo to hold free USTA Tennis eventOCRegister… And kids of all ages and skill levels to try tennis at local events and facilities across the country —encouraging everyone to get on the court and in the game. Festivites at Ridgecrest Park (25354 Eastwing) begin at 8 a.m. With an hour-long …and more »

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Sports Training & Fitness : What Makes a Good Coach?

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Muscatine Health & Fitness Calendar: March 4-13


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Testimonial NFL Combine Training 1STRING SPORTS PERFORMANCE…

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Spring sports get chilly reception –

Newszap.comSpring sports get chilly receptionnewszap.comThe CR boys tennis team uses the wrestling room to volley off the wall, and engage in cardiovascular exercises to get into shape. While some of the Riders played winter indoor, coach James Harvey said, “It's different playing outside and you really …

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Tennis Training-Quick Start Tennis, using the Phillips …

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Sports Digest

The Liberty Ranch Jr. Hawks football and cheer signups are continuing on Tuesday, March 10 from 6-8:30 p.m. At Mountain Mike’s Pizza on Twin Cities and again on Sunday, March 14 from 10 a.m. To 3 p.m. At the Comfort Inn on Twin Cities. Registration is also available online at

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How To Improve Basketball Explosiveness

Blast By Your Defenders

You know, I’ve gotten countless emails over the past couple of weeks, from players asking how to blow past their defender, kind-of how Derrick Rose used to do (can’t wait until he’s back, btw),
or someone like Dwayne Wade.

It’s actually pretty simple. And today I’m going to outline the equation that you need.

Body Positioning + Explosion + Ball Placement = Blowing Past ANYONE

You need to have all three though, not just one. Not two. All three. Today, I’m going to go over the Body Positioning.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

See, when you set your defender up to blow past him, it’s important that you do a couple of things. One being that you stay low.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players set up everything other than stay low, do you know what happens?  You don’t get past your defender, he just slides with you, defending
you with ease.

Notice how D. Wade constantly is in a stance and is low enough to give himself a TON of leverage over his defender, allowing him to easily blow by someone for an easy two points. If you’ll also notice, he’s constantly playing on his toes, ready to read-and-react to anything the defense is throwing at him.

Get off your heels, and get in the game guys.  Stay low and play on your toes, and I think you’ll notice an awesome improvement in your ability to blow past someone.

But of course, we can’t ignore the fact that he’s explosive.  I mean, you can’t deny that. No one can. So how do we as players get to that point?

That exact answer is outlined in DETAIL to you in this presentation I put together for you guys, don’t miss out, it won’t be up for long:

How To Explode With The Ball Like D. Wade (In 30 Days?)

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How To Improve Your Basketball Crossover Skills

Improve Your Crossover

If you’re JUST a catch and shoot basketball player, defenses WILL pick up on that.  And when they do, it’s a wrap from there. They’ll know exactly how to guard you to make
you obsolete during the game.
But with you venturing out, and adding a crossover to your arsenal and you can shoot? Now that’s deadly. Because now the defense won’t know what to do. Will he shoot? Will he cross and drive?
Will he cross and pull up? The possibilities are endless.
Here a few tips to improve your crossover:
1)  On your initial crossover, STAY LOW.
This is pivotal in your basketball training.   If you’re not low on the crossover, what’s going to happen? The ball will either get stolen, or you’ll get cut off by the defense.
2) Use your shoulders and full body to crossover. 
A lot of the time I see players just try and crossover with a stiff upper body.  That’s not believable. The way a crossover will be effective is if you actually lean in, move your shoulders, and make
the defender truly BELIEVE that you’re going to go one way while going the other.
3) Be efficient with your crossover training.
The reason being, if you’re in season right now, you want to save your energy for the game.  All the meanwhile still working on your crossover and getting it to where it needs to be.
This is where, 7 Minute Crossover basketball training program comes into play.  See this is the problem that most basketball players run into, they’re already tired from the season. And guess what they do? They work more and more and more. Trying to get better. They just dig themselves into a hole to the point where the work doesn’t help them anymore if anything, it hurts them.
So by the time game day comes around, they’re tired, and not going to perform at their best.
That’s where 7 Minute Crossover is different.  It works your crossover efficiently and the correct way. While still keeping you fresh and ready to go.  In only 7 short minutes, you’re able to cross
the ball over like a straight BOSS.
Once again, everything is filmed, and they go through the crossover workout with you guys.  If you still want more crossover tips, check out this quick presentation they put together.
All about what YOU can do to fix your crossover: ===> 7 Minute Crossover
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How To Deal With Overly-Aggressive Basketball Players?

How To Beat Aggressive Players

Now there’s nothing wrong with being aggressive in basketball. But you can easily go OVER-board with it rather quickly.  And to be completely honest, players like that were my favorite to have guard me.

Why?  Because I’d make them look like a fool. Straight up. With a simple jab, a simple pump fake, a simple pass fake, they’ll bite almost every single time. And for some of you more advanced basketball players, hit him with a quick crossover, as you create space, notice how far he leans in trying to get the steal.  While he’s going for the ball, you’re already midway to the hoop, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Use their aggressiveness against them, that’s the easiest way to beat them. Opportunities like this are when you use your newly gained explosiveness that you got from Explosion Academy.

Everything You Need To Know About Explosion Academy.

1. What if you don’t have 30 days right now?

That’s completely fine. As basketball players, or just humans in general, the coaches understand that we have other plans and that it’s not always possible to get a solid month of free time.

Between school, work, and other responsibilities you might have, it’s tough sometimes. That’s why they’ve made it so once you’re in the Member’s Area, you have LIFETIME ACCESS. Literally.

If you wanted to get on 70 years from now, guess what? It’s there for you to use. They’ve had a couple of players that even did that last time we released it. They didn’t have time right away.

So they got it, and they did it three months later. The hard part is snagging a spot before they all fill up.  Last time I checked there was about 36 spots left?

2. How long does each workout take?

Each basketball workout varies from about 15 minutes to about an hour, with a couple minutes here or there. They shouldn’t take much longer, so there’s really no excuse to not have time to do them.

3. When will it be up again?

To be honest, I have no idea. They are thinking about taking it down for good, and will probably end up doing this after the rest of the spots fill up. In the next couple of days, it should be done, filled up, and it’s OUTTA HERE.

Explosion Academy Is OPEN (Not For Long, Only 36 Spots Left)


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How To Do A Volleyball Jump Set Properly

Improve Your Jump Set

Jump setting is one of the greatest tools for a setter to have. The jump adds ‘speed’ to the offense, and that can be a point easily won! Before a player can jump set, they have to be confident with their on-the-ground setting skills.

Small aspects like getting underneath the ball when you set, and not moving when making the set, are just as important with jump setting as to regular setting.  If the setter can’t get underneath the ball while it’s still somewhat above the head – the ref may feel they’re carrying the ball and call a lift when they try to jump set the pass.

So – the first thing to remember is to get to the ball, be underneath it and to try to take it slightly above the head. To learn these skills through Expert Video Instruction, visit here:

VolleyballMagic com

The next thing to remember is to set and release the ball at the ‘peak’ of your jump. This will add to the fluidity of the set, and will ensure all of the power generated by the jump will flow into the set.

The Following “Setting Drill” Incorporates All of These Things…

Have the setter start at the net and have (the coach) bounce balls high in the air to them or simply toss them…

Now the setter can work on getting under the ball and taking it above the head, then jumping up and through the ball…and pushing the set in the air to the outside, middle and opposite positions.

It may be difficult for the setter to properly master setting the quick middle attacks by themselves — so throw in different players to hit the sets to truly determine their effectiveness.

To increase the difficulty, have the setter penetrate from the back of the court as if they are in serve/receive, and greatly vary the height and quality of the bounces to make the setter work that much harder.

From there they can work on the quicker sets to the outside and opposite positions, as well as the push-three set for the middle. These sets are more effective when the setter is ‘jumping’.

Complete Video Instruction given by “world-class” coaches & players, can be found here:

VolleyballMagic com

To work on the quality and height of the setter’s jump, extra work will be required in the form of plyometric exercises, which will develop the muscles in the legs and increase jumping ability and durability through power-movement exercises.

Jumping ability is a very important component to jump setting, because the setter will not be able to swing their arms and load their bodies as much as an attacker will..

They will have to rely more on pure muscle power to jump, rather than from the momentum of movement.

Remember, you want to be able to set the ball at the very ‘highest level’ when jump setting.

Give it a try & let me know how if it helps your jump set!

If You Want To Be a MUCH Better Player or Coach – and Win More Games, visit here:

VolleyballMagic com


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What’s The Most Important Basketball Skill?

What’s the one skill that every basketball player should have?

Really think about it.  It is athleticism? Shooting? Passing? What’s the answer?  I’ll get to that in just a second, but first I wanted to talk about injuries and the “secret” to getting past them, back to a healthy state.  You rest of course.  And you rest some more. With a bit of icing here and there.  Far too often I see players make their injuries worse by playing on them, thinking that one day off to regenerate is going to kill them.  It’s not. Your skills will be exactly where they are after a day or two off, no biggie.

The important thing is to stay healthy, because if you’re not, and you end up making it worse, you’ll be out for a whole lot longer than a couple of days.  Be smart and think about the future. What’s better: Taking a day off, and being back to where you were (healthy) OR playing with an injury and end up staying out for a couple month due to a serious tear? I’ll let you answer that yourself.

However, to answer the question I asked you guys in the beginning: What’s the one skill thatevery basketball player should have?

Every elite player has it. No matter what position, if you want to be a prolific scorer in your state, its extremely important that you learn this skill, or you’ll be left behind.

The skill is Ball-handling of course.  You can break presses, you can get to ANY spot on the court in a matter of seconds, but most importantly scouts LOVE it. They crave it.  A player who can dribble the ball well under pressure is exactly what they are looking for.

Ready to play college basketball?  Play College Basketball With THESE Ball-Handling Drills

Seriously, Explosion Academy has 15 spots left.  Sign up today, with my lifetime money back guarantee, no questions asked, so you have nothing to lose other than the ELITE-level explosiveness you’ll gain through the Academy.  

==========> Play College Basketball With THESE Ball-Handling Drills

Each year sixteen teams from each of the many conferences in division I to compete in a yearly post season single elimination tournament that gets played in four regional areas across the united states. The winners of each of the conference championships receive an automatic bid into the tournament while the selection committee awards the additional teams based on competition and anticipated match ups. A single regional area is selected prior to the start of each season to host the semi finals and final game in the tournament. The regional area selected to host the 2014 Frozen Four was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.We talked to veteran actress and activist Jane Fonda at the TV Critics Press Tour about how amazing she looks at 78 years old. While the fitness icon is done with creating exercise videos, she still loves to exercise. won do any more DVDs! But I walk, I climb mountains I just do them slower and easier, she said. So that is you know the basic concept of how you can get your wheelie up just with gearing so if you apply both the weight shift and the paddle to the wheelie it is you know a pretty minimally tasking way to get your cheap oakleys outlet wheel off the ground which is a center component in the cheap football jerseys most advance technical maneuvers. Make sure your overall scoring expectations go Cheap Oakleys up This is one of the big keys to any fantasy football trade and one that many people, for whatever nutty reason, overlook. Actually, a lot of people suck at math, so that’s probably the reason. Anyway, the first evaluation you should make is whether or not your overall team scoring expectation will go up or down. So, if somebody is trying to get Aaron Rodgers Fake Oakleys Cheap from you and offering Joe Flacco and Eric Decker but you already have two or three quality wide receivers, all you’re really doing is lowering your scoring expectation at QB. On the flip side, one way to make a great trade is to somehow increase your NFL Jerseys Cheap team’s scoring expectation while also increasing the scoring expectation of your trading partner while also not giving up anyone on your starting lineup.But I don’t think Rex Ryan is that. I mean, he’s brash and he’s aggressive. But in press conferences, in his public statements, he Cheap Jerseys does things differently than coaches have always done it. He predicts that they’re going to win the Super Bowl. In the NFL, you’re supposed to downplay those things. He after last game against the Patriots where the Jets lost 45 3, he went out back and buried a game ball, as if to symbolize that one’s done. Let’s move on.

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Proper Pitching Arm Care Exercises

Proper Pitching Arm CareWith baseball season nearly upon us and pitchers are getting ready for the season, I thought it would be a great time to share an article from the folks at 3X Pitching.  If you want to get your pitching arm in shape and take care of it for the long season ahead, check out these great pitching exercises you should be doing now!

Pitching Arm Care – Top 10 Exercises

The importance of arm care for the pitcher is to protect his career but most important to develop the integrity in the shoulder and elbow to handle a high velocity fastball. This doesn’t mean a “strong arm” makes you throw with high velocity it just means you have the ability to do it without the body trying to over protect itself from serious injury.

Most pitching coaches and pitchers fail to understand how true pitching velocity is generated, so they end up going down the wrong road and waste a lot of time working or overworking parts of the body that have little effect on pitching performance. For example, the flexor mass was not built to drive a lot of arm speed. The deltoids and rotator cuff where also not built to drive a lot of arm speed. Arm speed is powered by the legs and transferred into the distal parts of the body like the limbs.

In this article, I will not define how pitching velocity is enhanced, I will refer to the tons of other pitching articles on this site like this one, The *ONLY* Way to Improve Pitching Velocity *Seriously*. I will cover how a strong arm will promote more pitching velocity and at the same time save a career. Finally, I will list the top 10 arm care exercises for the pitcher.

Strong Arm Care for the Pitcher

The forward rotation or internal rotation of the pitching arm has been recorded in a laboratory at over 7,000 degrees per second which is the fast human movement ever recorded (1). So yes, you need a strong arm to handle these forces and you also need a strong arm for your body to allow you to generate these forces. Once your body is confident it can handle these forces then the challenge is how to generate them in the body and transfer them into the arm. Like I said above, I will not cover how pitching velocity is generated but will cover how pitching velocity is supported.

If we are going to understand how to protect the arm, we need to first understand what part of the arm is handling the stress and at what level is the stress being handled. Let’s start with the shoulder.

Pitching Shoulder Stress

Studies show that the pitching shoulder external rotates around 178 degrees during late arm cocking and during the last 20% of maximum external rotation to pitch release (approximately 0.029 seconds), the arm rotates internally from 178 to 105 degrees at release (1). This violent action generates humeral angular velocities of up to 7000 deg/sec and torques exceeding 14,000 inch-pounds (2). This is the fastest human movement recorded so how do we protect the arm from these insane amount of torques?

Well, we need to understand what muscles contribute to this movement and then we must make sure these muscles are developed to handle it. The muscles that help rotate the shoulder and stabilize the joint are the rotator cuff muscles, deltoids, pec and lats. The muscles that help create the movement and precession are the small rotator cuff muscles but the pec and lats are the two big muscles that power the joint. So, it is important to strength the small muscles like the rotator cuff muscle but these muscles will never be able to handle the 14,000 inch-pounds of torque. This will only be achieved by the pecs and lats and how do we strengthen these muscles? With lifts like upper body pressing and pulling which conventional wisdom says pitchers should never do.

Pitching Elbow Stress

Studies have found elbow extension speeds as high as 3000°/s. Werner et al, reported a mean peak valgus torque of 120 Nm for a professional population of pitchers (3). Not as much torque is hitting the elbow as the shoulder but the problem is the elbow wasn’t built to handle much torque because it is a hinge joint. The only way the joint was built to prevent coming apart was the ulnar collateral ligament or UCL. This ligament can only handles about 64 Nm. So, what must occur to handle the other 56 Nm? The flexor mass and the tricep work together to stablize the joint and handle the remaining stress. The problem is if these muscles cannot do their job then the UCL is compromised.

Strengthening the flexor mass and tricep muscles are critical to arm care and health.

Top 10 Arm Care Exercises for the Pitcher

To learn how these exercises should be used in either the off-season, pre-season or in-season please reference the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which also includes sets and reps along with all the instructional videos.

  1. Oscillation Blade – This is like an old Body Blade that bends and rebounds quickly every rep. It is great for training the shoulder joint to stabilize. You can perform the oscillation movements through external and internal rotation to train stability through rotation.
  2. Light Dumbbells – This includes shoulder and forearm strength training. As for the shoulder, do not exceed 3 lbs because you want to isolate the rotator cuff and usually anything over 3 lbs can more easily recruit the large muscle groups. Keep the reps for both the shoulder and forearm with these weights around 10-15 and perform all the movements of the shoulder and forearm. This includes; external rotation, internal rotation, vertical and horizontal abduction, adduction, extension, flexion, supination and pronation.
  3. Tubing – This includes resistance bands for the shoulder and forearms to train similar movements as with the dumbbells. The resistance is dynamic which trains the muscles deferent than with dumbbells.
  4. Forearm Roller – This includes a pipe and a rope connected to the middle of the pipe. At the end of the rope is a place to put weight like a metal plate. To perform the exercises you put both hands on the pipe and roll the pipe to coil up the rope and raise the weight from the floor. You will then roll the weight back down and reverse the movement to bring the weight back up and then down. This is one of the best exercises to strengthen the forearm muscles.
  5. Rice Bucket – Fill a bucket with rice and put your hand in the rice as far down as you can handle. Now perform flexion, extension, supination and pronation movements. This will strengthen the forearm muscles.
  6. Bench Press – Don’t believe what you hear about the bench press it is critical for developing upper body power in athletes especially pitchers and strengthening the shoulders. You just need to learn how to perform it correctly. Checkout my article on, Studies Prove Bench Press Increases Throwing Velocity.
  7. Pull Ups – The latissimus dorsi is the only accelerator decelerator in the upper body. Therefore it is the most important muscle in the arm. There is no better way to develop superior lat strength than with pull ups.
  8. Fat Grips – Increasing the grip size on all of the pulls is the best way to build both forearm strength and upper body strength together. This is important because forearm strength drives upper body strength. Fat grips are rubber grips that lay over the bar to increase grip size.
  9. Overhead Press – Another pressing exercise to help build the must needed upper body strength for a pitcher to handle the massive amounts of torques from a high velocity fastball. Most conventional pitching coaches would never allow a pitcher to perform these lifts because of what is called the impingement syndrome. You can avoid impingement’s by learn proper technique along with slowly building up your weight.
  10. Push Ups – Bench press is great for building mass and upper body strength with heavy resistance in the off-season and push ups are a great in-season upper body exercises for maintaining upper body strength.

I would highly recommend that you use the 3X Pitching Velocity Program if you are concerned about developing superior arm health as you advance to the higher levels of this game. It will give you more than just these exercises but a periodization model for training with them effectively to prevent injury while enhancing performance.


  1. Dillman CJ1, Fleisig GS, Andrews JR. – Biomechanics of pitching with emphasis upon shoulder kinematics. – J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 1993 Aug;18(2):402-8.
  2. Reagan KM1, Meister K, Horodyski MB, Werner DW, Carruthers C, Wilk K. –  Humeral retroversion and its relationship to glenohumeral rotation in the shoulder of college baseball players. – Am J Sports Med. 2002 May-Jun;30(3):354-60.
  3. Werner SL1, Murray TA, Hawkins RJ, Gill TJ. – Relationship between throwing mechanics and elbow valgus in professional baseball pitchers. – J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2002 Mar-Apr;11(2):151-5.

Source: Top Velocity Pitching Program

pitching velocity drills

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