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Two PCL Construction Projects Named Among ENR's Best of the Best – SYS-CON Media (press release)

SYS-CON Media (press release)Two PCL Construction Projects Named Among ENR's Best of the BestSYS-CON Media (press release)Streamsong® Resort is a six-story, 305,000-square-foot lodge that includes a three-story clubhouse. Located on approximately 16,000 acres of formerly mined phosphate land, the resort features 228 luxury guest rooms, a golf course, full-service spa …and more »

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Speed & Agility Drills for Youth Sports Training …

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Fitbit Adds Caller ID, Heart Rate to New Activity Trackers

Fitbit has three new devices, but the Surge puts the company in competition with other GPS sports watch makers.

U.S. Ski Team Prospects Killed In Avalanche (newsy-allvideos)

Watch Video
Two promising skiers from the U.S. Ski Team were killed during an avalanche Monday.
19-year-old Bryce Astle and 20-year-old Ronnie Berlack were freeskiing near the Rettenbach glacier near the location of the U.S. Ski Team's training base in Austria when they were caught in an avalanche.
The two men were part of the U.S. Development Ski Team, which trains new skiers. Berlack, seen here in a Weather Channel interview, joined the team in 2013 after finishing strong at the U.S. Alpine Championship.
Astle joined the team this season, earning two top-10 results at the NorAm Cup in Canada last month. He had recently launched a crowdfunding effort to help pay for his expenses to join the team.
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association CEO Tiger Shaw said the men were **"outstanding ski racers who were passionate about their sport. … Both of them loved what they did and conveyed that to those around them."**
Officials say an avalanche alert had been issued in the area Monday. Four other skiers who were with the two men managed to escape the slide.
_This video includes images from Bested / CC BY SA 3.0, Leo-seta / CC BY 2.0._.

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Sports Training & Fitness : What Does It Take to Become a ……

different rules of the cfl nflHowever, many of these us types are the ones who haven’t worked in a decent paying job for a year or even more. You know the ones working two and even three jobs to survive or those who just stopped looking and no one counts. They are family men and woman, living from day to day. Good, Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys decent, hardworking types with strong work ethic and a desire to produce for their family who have suddenly become too expensive and obsolete. cheap jerseys Many of them in situations forced upon them not by choice but circumstance.A supplemental draft pick out of Baylor in 2012, Gordon has been racking up yards at a historic pace over the past two weeks. He tallied 237 receiving yards in a Week 12 loss to the cheap jerseys Pittsburgh Steelers before improving upon that total in Week 13 against the Jags. Across the two games, Gordon accounted for 498 of Weeden’s 579 passing yards. That haul by Gordon is the highest two game total by a receiver in NFL history, according to FOX Sports.Center Ice/Face Off Circle: The face off circle at center ice is where the puck is put in play (dropping the puck) by the referee at the start of each period and after a goal is scored. During the dropping of the puck, only one player from wholesale china jerseys each team may be in the center ice circle. Once the puck is dropped however, jordan sale teammates from both teams can enter this area to assist in controlling the puck for his team.”By rewriting the script for countless young athletes, Michael has demonstrated the leadership that, along with his impressive skills on the Fake Oakley Outle field, makes him a natural fit for the NFL,” Ellis said in a statement. “With acceptance of LGBT people rising across our coasts in our schools, churches, and workplaces it’s clear that America is ready for an openly gay football star.”But the song and video’s message coupled with Beyonce’s halftime show that featured dancers fashioned after Black Panther members also drew sharp rebuke from critics in the “All Lives Matter”and “Blue Lives Matter” camps, the latter referring to police officers. Hashtags of both slogans were used to promote the protest, in addition toBoycottBeyonce.The New England System came Baratas Ray Ban of age in 2007, and it withstood the test of time (and injury) in 2008. Josh McDaniels played a major role in bolstering and preserving The System between 2006 and 2008; he had worked for the Patriots since 2001. McDaniels came of age while watching and actively helping Belichick change NFL history. Josh McDaniels is the Forrest Gump of the last decade of NFL football.

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Paula Creamer Back to Work After Wedding, Honeymoon – Golf Channel (press release) (blog)

Golf Channel (press release) (blog)Paula Creamer Back to Work After Wedding, HoneymoonGolf Channel (press release) (blog)While preparation for a life-changing event surely affected Creamer, there were swing changes at work, too. Wanting more distance, Creamer and her long-time coach, David Whelan, went to work on changing her swing with the driver. The downswing that …

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Athletic Sports Training & Conditioning Exercises : Dirty …

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Tiger Woods suffers error-strewn comeback round as all the problems from last year's wretched campaign return

From the thinned chips to the tentative putting to the errant drives, all the problems from last year's wretched campaign are back.

Sport of rucking coming to Jacksonville Beach Saturday (Florida Times-Union)

On Saturday, the GORUCK Kill that 5K, a race with a military twist, comes to Jacksonville Beach.
The event provides the cardio benefits of a 5K with the strength training of military-style rucking, which is moving with weight on your back in a rucksack, or backpack. Participants walk with rucksacks filled with sandbags weighed "to correlate with their body types and fitness levels," according to a news release.
Read more.

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Youth Sports Training at Home | Speed Training | Jump Training…

Research has shown that gambling can lead to harmful behavior in people. Addiction to gambling, coupled with substance abuse can make the gamblers physically abusive towards their family. The stress of risking huge amounts of money or the frustration after losing it can increase the tendency of abuse in gamblers. Due to lost mental peace, they may ill treat their spouse and children. Their mental state can even lead to suicidal tendencies.Although some leagues and school districts have banned this drill as being “too dangerous,” it is no more dangerous than any other type of full contact drill. The coach should take care, however, when throwing the ball, to select a receiver who is not significantly smaller than the tackler, and should not let this drill go on for too long, with any one player being tackled multiple times.This is a drill meant for summertime practice, at the end of a hot day. This year Fake Oakley Outle sees a refreshed championship of 13 rounds, with new venues in Istanbul, Auckland and France before its hectic autumn finale tearing across Wales. And new drivers. The colourful Californian Ken Block is a former snowboarder and US rally competitor, as well as being a successful businessman who has made a fortune through sports shoes. Then there is Raikkonen, the cool, reserved Finn, the Iceman, and the centre of attention in Paris, more so than Sbastian Loeb, the six times world champion and cheap jerseys ultimate rallier. The two pose together and the cameramen jostle to capture the moment.It struck a chord.”I played with [Neil] Wolfey and Ross Brown. Wonderful little players. Wonderful men,” he says.New Zealand Rugby CEO Steve Tew on Wednesday acknowledged the wholesale football jerseys china issue, saying the national body’s obligation was to protect the current generation of players.”It is a complicated issue and even the highly skilled and trained medical professionals cannot give you a definitive answer on a Oakley Sunglasses Outlet whole load of really important questions,” Tew said.More RugbyStats CentreFixtures and ResultsAll BlacksDream Team Tipping”Right now, our responsibility is the current game and making sure we do the right thing for the players who are playing now.”The ACC has had a sharp rise in claims for rugby concussions from 1480 in 2010 to 2413 last year and is bracing itself for its first dementia claim.”It is quite likely that with the growing suite of international medical literature and greater understanding of causation, that we will in the future,” said spokeswoman Stephanie Melville.And in the United States, a momentous step was taken this week when the NFL’s top health and safety officer acknowledged the link between football related head trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).Jeff Miller was asked during a roundtable discussion on concussion wholesale football jerseys at the House of Representatives whether the link between neurodegenerative diseases, like CTE and dementia, and American football had been established.Hawke’s Bay TodayMcDonald’s ‘stabbing’ in Napier Two people were taken to hospital after a fight in Napier McDonald’s last night.

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Golfzon Launches SwingTalk In The U.S. Market – SYS-CON Media (press release)

SYS-CON Media (press release)Golfzon Launches SwingTalk In The U.S. MarketSYS-CON Media (press release)SwingTalk brings consumers a new generation of swing analyzer as it analyzes a golfer's swing with comprehensive data and provides real-time voice feedback. The product includes a smartphone application that uses a Bluetooth connection to link to a …and more »

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Sports Training: Plyo Push Ups

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News |

Visit PGA Pro Services for more information about the PGA of America. PGA Professional Le Ann Finger explains what you should be aware of when teeing your ball up and how to ensure the correct height for the ball.

Well, This Is 1 Way to Pull Out a Loose Tooth (lilsugar?format=xml)

We're not sure if Hendersonville, TN, dad Phil Smith's YouTube tutorial entitled "How to Pull a Tooth With a Golf Club, Golf Ball, and Dental Floss" has been viewed almost a million times because people are fascinated or disturbed. When 7-year-old Noah told his dad that he wanted to get his tooth out but was concerned that it would be painful to do so slowly, Smith came up with an unorthodox approach. He tied one end of a piece of dental floss around the wiggly tooth, tied the other to a golf ball, and swung away. Important to note: Mom was out shopping while all of this went down.
Of the nearly 700 comments associated with Smith's YouTube video, they range from the outraged ("As a practicing dentist for 30 years, I can tell you extracting your son's tooth with a golf club may result in a criminal charge of child abuse") to the tongue-in-cheek ("And if you want all your teeth removed, stand a little closer to the backswing"). What'd you think of this dad's tactic?

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The Best Sports Training Video Ever – The EFT Sports ……

america’s take on the salem witch trials is really weirdLove of sport be damned, the question must be asked: Are college sports worth it for student athletes who have no hope ofgoing pro. The answer depends on the individual, cheap football jerseys and to gather perspectives I asked HuffPosters who played in college about their sporting days and what they learned from the experience.”A great road win against a really good football team.”The Ravens won their previous three games by excelling in the fourth quarter. This game was a throwback to last year, when Carr pulled out a 37 33 win over Baltimore.Operating against a porous defense ranked 32nd in the NFL, the Ravens didn’t reach the end zone until deep into the third quarter. Presidents were born in your state, and an eighth spent part of his childhood there. And as a child, you probably took a field trip to the home of one of these presidents. But it is neither necessary to be an Ohioan nor a child cheap football jerseys china to enjoy a visit to the places these eminent men lived before they became commanders in chief. Out of state adults who enjoy American history and period reconstructions can make their own presidential tour of Ohio. This itinerary starts in the northeast of the state, moves through the center and ends down south.Race is a constant underlying theme in American sports in conversations about labor vs. ownership, social responsibility, changing demographics and meritocracy and this year, it seemed like everywhere you looked, the subtext was becoming text. And of course, because it’s sports, there were some Big Important Firsts.Chavez and Haugen hold the attendance record which they set with over 130,000 in attendance for the showdown. In the first Haugen went down from a short hook and he was pounded in the second. The third and fourth heats were all Chavez and Haugen barely landed anything solid. Chavez beat Haugen Replica Oakleys so bad in the fourth the ref almost halted the action several times. In the 5th round the ref showed mercy as he stopped the carnage as Chavez was pouring it on and Haugen was covering up looking like a spent billet.Running Back 1: L. Miller Miller has been sneaky good all year and he put in another decent performance in Week 13. While he only rushed NFL Wholesale Jerseys for 56 yards, he did manage to score a touchdown, as well as add eleven receiving yards on two receptions, for a total of 13.7 fantasy points.We turn now to the National Football League. We’re three weeks into the season and that means a lot of amazing plays, even more amazing catches, but story number one by far has been the referees. The NFL locked out its regular refs in a cheap oakleys labor dispute and cheap china jerseys so replacement officials have been on the field and they’re taking heat off the field for some blown calls.

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Chip and Pitch It Like the Pros – USGolfTV

USGolfTVChip and Pitch It Like the ProsUSGolfTVVery few of us will ever have a long game like the pros, but everyone including the beginner golfer can learn how to putt and chip with consistency. The short … So if you want to start chipping like the fellas on TV, start practicing your techniques …

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"All Sports Training" workout FULL EPISODE athletic …

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Sporting Life Best Bets of the Day

Check out our team's best bets from the pick of today's sport, including racing, football and greyhounds.

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Nutrition Solutions at D1 Sports Training Facility…

The worst part of it all is that Ms. Curious George is not one of them. The original book begins with the Man in the Yellow Hat going to Africa, spotting George sitting in a tree, and sticking him in a sack so he can take him to a zoo in cheap jerseys wholesale the big city. Given George’s near human intelligence, this is technically kidnapping.He was not involved in day to day operations Cheap Football Jerseys of either of his sports franchises and was rarely spotted at games in recent years, instead remaining at his mansion in South Florida while entrusting leadership of the Bucs to three of six children, sons Bryan, Joel and Ed. President George W. Bush smiles after being presented with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football jersey during a stop at the team’s training camp in Tampa, Florida, Cheap NFL Jerseys in this file photo from Sept. 21, 2006.The operating income for the segment improved 20% to $1.4 billion due to ESPN’s growth, higher equity income from A Television Networks (AETN) and Fake Oakleys Sale an improvement in the domestic Disney Channels. The absence of equity losses as a result of the sale of interest in the ESPN cheap jerseys china STAR Sports joint venture last year also inflated the results.First day covers, or FDC, are canceled postage stamps on an envelope dated the first day the stamp is available. Postal Service, or USPS. The envelope may have a cachet or picture and description. Some FDC collectors make the envelopes with cachets and send them to the USPS in the official first day city before the postal service issues the stamp. Others purchase the envelopes from stamp dealers and send them to the first day city for cancellation. You can preserve FDCs in acid free paper to sell at shows, online or to stamp dealers.I’m trying to weather the storm. This will pass. Jonathan martin’s father came out today saying his son is doing fine. He’s a strong man. He’s doing fine. Reporter: Tonight martin is resting in california and prepping a full report for wholesale nfl jerseys the nfl. Diane? And we’re joined by espn sr. Acadia is one of my favorite takeout candidates for myriad reasons. It has an important niche drug that could benefit greatly from an established sales force. In addition, the Baker Bros. own over 20% of the firm and their game plan is almost always to engineer a sale. In addition, Biogen is the most logical suitor. The company is spinning off its hemophilia business which should be worth $5 billion to $7 billion. The company has also publicly stated it wants to expand its footprint in neurology, making Acadia the cheap nfl jerseys perfect fit.

Golf Stretching Exercises

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Golf Specific Workouts

Golf Workout Routines

Body For Golf

body for golf

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

Simple Golf Swing Training System

simple golf swing training

The Perfect Impact System


Swing Man Golf Training

golf swing video training

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Tennis Serve Drills

Tennis Serving Drills

FREE Tennis Serve Analysis

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Get Your FREE Tennis Serve Analysis

Tennis Serve Video Instructional Courses

Tennis Sharp Shooter System

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This tennis training program will help change your inaccurate tennis serve into high powered bombs that will drive your opponents crazy.  There are three parts to the Tennis Sharpshooter program:

1- Tennis Serving Video Drills that are broken down into three skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  These tennis serving drills will help develop a more powerful, accurate, and consistent serve.

2-On Court Tennis Tools like serving assessment sheets and target positioning charts.

3-Tennis Warm-up Routine that will help reduce the risk of injury and loosen your shoulders.

Many times when people practice serving they get bored.  The serving drills in the Tennis Sharp Shooter system are varied and provide you will challenge so you don’t get bored.  You’ll learn how to serve better in match conditions and how to prepare for the return with the split step.

Also a special FREE bonus, there is a great leg strengthening workout that includes 30 exercises that will help improve your on court endurance and make you light on your feet.  This is a 37 minute tennis strength workout that is worth $75.  You can’t beat that!

Brief Overview of What’s Included With the Tennis Sharpshooter Program:

This tennis serve video series includes:

tennis serve drillsComplete access to the Tennis Sharp Shooter membership site
Tennis serve video lessons
Tennis serving drills and exercises
-Stretching and Warm Up videos
Beginner tennis serve drills that even the most novice players can master
-Intermediate tennis serving drills that will help improve consistency and accuracy
-Advanced tennis serve drills that will help you place the ball with pinpoint accuracy
-Tennis Court set up charts
-Bonus Tennis fitness and reaction drill videos
-Personal support from David Bailey, pro tennis coach
-Exclusive access to the Sharpshooter forum

Get Instant Access!

Serve Unlocked

tennis_serving_lessonsThis is a one of a kind tennis serve video course designed for both recreational and competitive players.  With its unique tennis serve drills and exercise, you will be serving up aces in no time.
The course is designed and coached by long time professional tennis coach, Tomaz Mencinger.  Coach Mencinger brings his years of coaching players from the ITF, ATP, and WTA tours.  Check out what this tennis serve video instructional course includes below.

Serve Unlocked Tennis Serve Drills Features

Serve Unlocked is broken down into 5 modules that will help improve your tennis serve.  Here is a brief overview of each training module:

Unlocking Your Mindtennis serve drills

*Learn what your mindset should be when serving

*How to approach tennis serve training with the right mindset

*Utilize an easy trick to unlock your mental locks when training

Unlocking Your Wrist

*How to use your wrist to unlock more power but still feel a fluid motion in your servetennis serving drills

*How simple changes in finger pressure in your grip can make your racquet move faster

*How to use your index finger to add more control over your serve and create more powerful serves

*Learn a simple tennis serve drill using just a grocery bag that will help train your wrist to be loose

Speed vs. Strengthfast-tennis-serve

*How to create more serving power using a simple towel drill

*Learn how to get more racquet head speed immediately at contact instead of after contact

*How to transfer the whip effect to the serve

Sources of Power

power-tennis-serve*Best way to use your legs to give an extra boost to begin your serve

*Learn the proper serve rhythm that will connect your backswing with your forward acceleration the smoothest way

*Know how to feel when it is time for your arm to start providing power

*How to use falling into the court to your advantage to create more serve power

Tennis Service Tosstennis-serve-toss

*How to balance tension and relaxation when doing the serve toss

*Learn how a release and a throw are different

*Learn where the best place to toss the ball for your serve

This is just a quick review of the Serve Unlocked video course.  If you really want to improve your tennis serve, you can’t go wrong with this tennis serve instructional video series.  There are over 43 tennis serving training videos that can be watched anytime, anywhere, on any device.  Not only will you save thousands of dollars on expensive tennis lessons, you can learn at your own pace when you want.

Click below to learn more about the Serve Unlocked tennis serve drill package!

tennis serving drills

Learn More

Secrets Of The Power Serve

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secrets of the power serve_optTennis Vault is giving away their new video “Secrets of the Power Serve” FREE just for signing up to be a member.

This video is valued at $47, but you can get it for just $7.95 shipping and handling.

In this tennis serve video instructional you will learn how to develop a great tennis serve in just a few simple steps that is more consistent, smoother, and powerful.

Order Now!

Tennis Serve Drills For Beginners

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Get more tennis serving drills for beginners below!

Watch More Videos

More Tennis Serving Drills

Tennis Serving Drills |
Tennis Serving Drills. There’s no charming way to put it: Tennis serves take a lot of practice. Most beginners spray serves over fences, onto picnic tables, and on top of parked cars.

Tennis serve drills to improve your focus and consistency
Tennis Serve drills Learn to serve under pressure. The purpose of tennis serve drills is to teach the player how to empty his mind and how to serve with focus. Video – How to Practice Your Tennis Serve
How to Practice Your Tennis Serve. Coach Joe Dinoffer discusses the significance of the serve in tennis games. There was a problem loading related videos. Teen Gets Drunk in England, Wakes Up in Paris. Amanda Bynes Found Competent To Stand Trial.

Serving Drill – Throw a Football – Grand Slam Tennis Tips
What does throwing a football have to do with hitting a serve in tennis? Both motions require almost identical mechanics. Which means, the better you can throw a football, the better you’ll be able to hit your serve. The motion …

Tennis Serve Drills – 2 Things To Help Build Power In Your …
Tennis serve drills are extraordinary for developing all parts of your tennis serve however the most paramount one you need to concentrate on is the force you can create in your serve. The more power you can create the more ……

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Tennis Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness In Tennis

If you have found this page then you must take your tennis game seriously and always looking for an edge.   As you know there are lot of different components that you must be able to put together in order be successful.  If you have already improved your tennis skills using the tennis training programs here on our site, now it the time to take your tennis game to the next level.

We’re talking about the mental game of tennis.  We have found some excellent new resources that will help you improve your tennis mental toughness and improve your inner golf game.  These are written by just psychologists, but actual professional tennis coaches that have years of hands on experience.

 Renegade Mindset Technique For Tennis


Improve Your Tennis Mental Toughness

golf mental training

Stephen Ladd

This Tennis Mental training is written by the Renegade Tennis Mental Game Coaches, Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell.  They have years of experience coaching hundreds of tennis players around the world and decided to share their tennis mindset technique that has been so successful with more tennis players.  

They aren’t like other golf mental coaches, their unconventional training methods may seem a little strange at first, but they work!  Here is a quick rundown of the three tools you will use in the Renegade Mindset Techniques for Tennis:

1-Hack Your Subconscious:  Use Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) made popular by Anthony Robbins to improve your awareness, calm your inner tennis game, and help you reach your next tennis training plateau faster.

2-“The Zone” On Demand: Learn how to control when you will “Get in the Zone” so you can play at your best when you need to.

3-Pro Tennis Hypnosis:  Utilized high performance visualization techniques that can be done anytime and anywhere to help prepare yourself for your training or next tennis match.

Renegade Tennis Mental Training will help you learn:

  • *How to improve your tennis performance by practicing less.
  • *How to eliminate your most challenging aspect of your game by focusing your mental energies.
  • *How not to choke in the middle of a match.
  • *How to use your serve to gain a mental advantage right from the beginning.
  • *How to use self-talk to get you out of a rut.
  • *Learn a 3 minute pre-game ritual that will enhance your tennis performance.
  • *How to get rid of butterflies and calm down before a match.
  • *How to improve your tennis mental toughness and get over losses faster and regain confidence in your game.

This is just a few things that Renegade Mindset Technique For Tennis will help do for your tennis game.  If you click below you will also get access to 4 great bonuses:

  • *30 Days of Personal Email Coaching
  • *Tennis Fitness Tips by Strength &Conditioning Coach Todd Scott
  • *Weight Loss Hypnosis For Tennis Players
  • *Overcoming Your Fears and Achieving Success in Sports

Check out the complete package below, this is one of the best tennis mental training guide we have seen and highly recommend it to anyone trying to improve their tennis game.

tennis mental training

Get Access Now!

Mental Manual for Tennis Winners

There is no other faster way to improve your game than with tennis mental toughness.  If you just focus on improving your skills by practicing for hours and hours you will not be able to take your game to then next level.  Mental Manual for Tennis Winners is great e-book to help improve your tennis mental game.  These training books will help you win more, have more fun, and have less stress on the court.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you will learn:

  • *How to focus and stay focused on the court for an entire mental toughness_opt
  • *How to relax or get pumped up for your match in just a few seconds.
  • *How to use the power of acceptance to get you to play to your true potential.
  • *Strategies to overcome 29 of the most emotionally and mentally challenges during a tennis match.
  • *How to take advantage of opponent’s mental state by changing your play type.
  • *How to improve confidence with a simple approach to tennis match analysis.

Also if you click below you will get these special BONUSES:

  • *3 email answers from the author about anything tennis related.
  • *”A Kind of Magic – Bringing the Best Out of Your Partner” which discusses how to be more successful playing doubles tennis. 
  • *”The Laws of Tennis Psychology” which is written by the 14 time Grand Slam winner Bill Tilden who reveals his tennis mental game tips.
  • *”Tennis Fitness Tips” that gives you great tennis exercises to help improve power on your serve, speed, and much more. 

Click below to learn more and get instant access!

Get Instant Access!

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Singles Tennis Strategy

Tennis Singles Strategy

If you are looking for a way to take your tennis game to the next level, then you need to learn the insider tennis strategy and tricks that only the best tennis players in the world know.  Check out the great resources below to learn the necessary singles tennis strategy to help you start dominating your matches.

Insider Tennis Strategies

The Insider Tennis Strategies ebook gives detailed tennis tips and tactics along with inside tennis strategy.  Here’s a brief overview of what is included in the guide.

  • *How to develop at least 3 different tennis game tennis strategies
  • *Easy to understand explanation of strategic tennis matchups.
  • *How to use the chip and charge strategy on the second serve.
  • *Learn what serve to used based on where your opponent is positioned.
  • *Learn powerful 2 shot patterns that help you win the point.
  • *How to use different serves to throw off your opponent.
  • *Eliminate one of the most common serving errors.
  • *Learn the classic serve and volley sequence.
  • *Simple serve return strategy
  • *Learn to return serves better with a simple trick to do after they toss the ball, but before the serve itself.
  • *Where the best place to stand is to return the serve.
  • *Learn how and when to use 4 passing shots.
  • *When you should approach the net.
  • *When to hit the ball softer when near the net.
  • *Learn why hitting low and hard shots aren’t always the best.
  • *How to tell if your opponent will hit a weak shot.
  • *How to get into the best court position and get your opponent into a bad position.
  • *When not to hit the ball deep but short.
  • *Learn how to practice tennis the right way so your game will get better.

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