Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs

Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs

The Throw Cheese Nutrient System

Here’s Part-3 to Zach Calhoon’s building power faster series.  Parts one through two:
  • Talked about timing your nutrients, AND
  • Discussed the hormonal changes needed to take advantage of the “anabolic window” right after you train.
Part-3 will go into the three stages of muscle growth.
Yes, the topic can be a little complex. It was for me, but the more you read it over, the better it sticks.  
I think this is the most important post (of the 3) because it helps tie everything together… 

Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs ====> CLICK HERE to read Part-3

In Part-3, Zach goes into detail about the 3-stages of his nutritional timing system:

  • The Power Stage
  • The Anabolic Stage, and
  • The Rebuild Stage.
These are all natural (non-PED) processes in the body.  But if you don’t give it the resources it needs (and at the right time), then the athlete will be WASTING their time during training on the field and in the weight room.
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