Baseball Strength Training

Baseball Strength Training Programs

Strength training is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a complete baseball training program.  We have put together some of our favorite baseball strength training programs to get you or your team ready for baseball season.

Ultimate Baseball Strength


Ultimate Baseball Strength training program is a complete year-round strength training plan designed for baseball players wanting to improve their performance.  This tested baseball strength training program includes everything you need for developing more powerful, strong, athletic and attentive baseball players. This strength program can be used by any level baseball player at any age.

The exercises in this program will help you quickly acquire the baseball specific skills which are required to improve your performance on the field. You be able to hit better, throwing stronger, move faster, and more after completing this baseball training program.

Ultimate Baseball Strength training program is very easy to implement even if you don’t have a lot of equipment. All you need to get started is the will to get better and some simple gym equipment you probably already have.

Ultimate Baseball Strength training program includes:

  • baseball strength trainingTwo full Off-season strength training programs that will significantly improve your strength so you can get more speed on your throws.
  • Two baseball preseason training programs that will improve your hitting power.
  • Three obscure exercises which will improve your base-stealing ability.
  • In-season baseball strength training program which will help you stay in top conditioning shape throughout the entire season without wearing you out.
  • Three unique exercises that will help train your eyes to enhance your reaction time so you improve your batting contact.
  • Circuit training program that uses just body weight exercises that are designed to improve your athleticism and quickness that will help you boost your home to first speed.
  • Pre-training warm-ups that will make your workout more effective.
  • The best way to minimize injuries by balancing muscle differences that are produced during baseball training.

If you click below you will also get 3 Bonuses below when you start Ultimate Baseball Strength training program:

Bonus 1: The Ultimate Baseball Nutrition Guide
Bonus 2: Ultimate Speed and Agility Drill for Baseball Players
Bonus 3: Ultimate Baseball Strength Jump Start Audio Training

Ultimate Baseball Training

Core Power for Baseball

This baseball strength training program is now being used by 1000s of baseball players and coaches around the country with great results. Core Power for Baseball was created by Barry Lovelace who is an worldwide known fitness expert focused on developing core strength and power in athletes. Barry is a frequently seen in Men’s Health and Women’s Health contributing his expertise on sports fitness.

One of the great things about Core Power for Baseball training program is that most of the exercises can be done with little to no equipment. The unique baseball specific exercises are designed to improve player’s core strength which will result in more power and are all demonstrated via video.

  • core baseball power4 Baseball strength training workout videos showing each exercise along with level progressions.
  • 2 Bonus videos demonstrating a number of ‘advanced’ baseball training exercises to supplement your current strength workout.
  • Bonus Intense Core Power Baseball Workout
  • Baseball Pitching Grips 101 guide with detailed approach to the different pitching grips with illustrations, drills, and tips.
  • 5 Shoulder Strengthening Principles Revealed book and audio recording that will explain why shoulder strength is important in baseball.
  • A Healthy Back in 10 Minutes a Day book that includes exercises that will help reduce and eliminate back pain.
  • The 5 Insider Principles for Successful Weight Loss book
  • 21-Day Express Shape-Up Softball Workout Program designed just for softball players in mind.
  • Exercise for Every BODY At Home Total Body Workout DVD’s that outlines a baseball workout routine designed to be done at home without going to the gym.

Click below to learn more about the Core Power Baseball training program!

Core Power Baseball

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