How To Increase Pitching Velocity

10 Things You Need To Increase Pitching Velocity

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Forearm Training Exercises

If you want to pitch faster, pitch harder, and increase your pitching velocity you need to use a variety of techniques. Here are some of the major aspects you will want to include in your pitching training program:

  1. Baseball stretching routine specifically for pitchers
  2. Weight training program for baseball that includes both upper body and lower body workouts
  3. Hip and Core strength and stretching routine to help improve your explosiveness
  4. Pitching Conditioning program with both long and short distance exercises
  5. Speed and Agility training exercises for pitchers that will help increase pitch velocity and fielding agility
  6. Plyometrics program to help develop more explosiveness on the mound
  7. Throwing program for pitchers with drills for long toss, short toss, bullpens, and flat grounds
  8. Goal setting plan and calendar so you can track your progress
  9. pitching calendarsDaily pitching schedule to keep you on track to your goals
  10. Pitching drills to help develop your pitching delivery and mechanics

As you can see if you really want to increase your pitching velocity you need to have a number of things prepared before you start.  There are some great pitching training programs available online that can help you gather all the resources you need to become a better pitcher.

Check out the resources below that will help you increase pitch velocity:

Ballistic Pitching Blueprint

This is one of the best pitching training programs online and includes a complete system with pitching drills and pitcher specific exercises that will help develop a Major League type pitching delivery.  This workout program will train your body to perform the right movements needed to increase pitch velocity.  Here is a quick introduction video to the program.  Go to to learn more!

 3X Pitching Training Program

This training program will help add 5-10 mph of speed to your fastball.  This is a 16 week pitching training program designed to improve your pitching velocity. Includes pitching drill videos, personalized video analysis and coaching from the trainer.  Check out the video below and go to to for more videos.

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D1 Pitching Mechanics

This pitching program is developed by a NCAA Division 1 Baseball pitching coach.  You will get to watch 5 pitching videos that demonstrate the proper pitching mechanics and pitching drills that you need to do in order to throw faster and harder.  You can also watch several videos that analyze professional pitchers and breakdown why they are such good pitchers.  Learn how to pitch harder from the pros at

5 Key Pitching Mechanics To Increase Your Velocity

Hope these pitcher training programs and resources will help you increase pitching velocity and become a better pitcher!
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