How To Fix Your Crossover Dribbling In Basketball

Master The Crossover

If you want to take your basketball game to the next level, then you need to master the crossover dribble sildenafil citrate tablets 100mg.  Here are some crossover dribbling tips and tricks to help you become a better ball handler.
1. Staying Low.
A lot of high school players have the problem of staying up too high when crossing over, or just dribble in general.  This causes the defender to anticipate the crossover.  It also makes it extremely easy for you to get ripped.
The higher up you are, the higher the chance of the ball being up there as well, which makes it an easy target for good defenders. 
I also want you to notice how whenever a college player crosses over, they’re low.  They’re in an athletic stance.  And they’re ready to attack the rim, pull up, etc.
2. Use Your Body/Head More.
Think of any effective crossover.  What do they all have in common? Staying low. Check.  Body/Head movement? Check.
The reason being, it’s important to fully shift your body to act like you’re going one way.  This means you literally need to throw your shoulders and body into one direction, just to crossover
the other way.
Another thing is your head movement.  Your eyes and where they are looking, give a lot to your defender. Including where you want to go. So if you use your eyes correctly, looking the way
you’re faking to, the defender might be more committed to stopping you.  Which means what?
You can now blow by him with ease. You need to fully commit, your whole body, otherwise, the defender won’t pick up on it at all. Simple as that.
3. Most Players Are Crossing Over Incorrectly.
This one is HUGE.  I’ve seen plenty (hundreds) of different trainers teach the cross over flat-out wrong.  As a result, players do it wrong.  And that’s something you picked up on watching
college ball.  And there is a reason for this.  That reason, is outlined in this presentation:
Whether it be season playoffs, AAU tryouts, Or you just wanna get better…
A crossover is something that NEEDS to be in your toolkit. Without it, it’s almost impossible to play college ball as a guard.

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