2 Simple Basketball Dribbling Tips

2 Simple Basketball Dribbling TipsEver watched an NBA playoff and realized how great your favorite point guard is at handling the rock?   First thing, notice that ball handling, does not only increases your game, but others’ game as well by stretching the defense, making it easier for players to attack, shoot, etc.  Notice any ELITE player in the game today, doesn’t even have to be college, NBA, overseas, NCAA, even some top high school players.
What do they all have in common?  They all can handle the heck outta the rock.  I mean, they can dribble, and literally get to anywhere on the court in a matter of seconds with ease.  So these are the tips I’m going to share with you today. Ready?
1. Use your fingertips when you dribble. 
Don’t use your palm.  Your dribble is going to come out weak, unstable, and you will easily lose the ball.  Instead, dribble with your finger tips, constantly pounding the ball hard into the ground.  
2. Protect the ball when dribbling. 
This is something that I see players far too often screw up on. They do everything correctly, but end up leaving the ball in front of them, exposed.  The defender swipes and boom, the ball is lost
and it’s going the other way.  Instead, seal the defender off with your body if you’re driving, drop that shoulder and protect the ball with your body. 
If you’ll notice, any great point guard do that A LOT. Every single time the opponents would crowd him or guard him up close, he would simply stick his body out and put himself in between the defender and the ball, so they couldn’t get to it.
For more basketball ball handling tips visit Effective Ball Handling!

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How To Fix Your Crossover Dribbling In Basketball

Master The Crossover

If you want to take your basketball game to the next level, then you need to master the crossover dribble sildenafil citrate tablets 100mg.  Here are some crossover dribbling tips and tricks to help you become a better ball handler.
1. Staying Low.
A lot of high school players have the problem of staying up too high when crossing over, or just dribble in general.  This causes the defender to anticipate the crossover.  It also makes it extremely easy for you to get ripped.
The higher up you are, the higher the chance of the ball being up there as well, which makes it an easy target for good defenders. 
I also want you to notice how whenever a college player crosses over, they’re low.  They’re in an athletic stance.  And they’re ready to attack the rim, pull up, etc.
2. Use Your Body/Head More.
Think of any effective crossover.  What do they all have in common? Staying low. Check.  Body/Head movement? Check.
The reason being, it’s important to fully shift your body to act like you’re going one way.  This means you literally need to throw your shoulders and body into one direction, just to crossover
the other way.
Another thing is your head movement.  Your eyes and where they are looking, give a lot to your defender. Including where you want to go. So if you use your eyes correctly, looking the way
you’re faking to, the defender might be more committed to stopping you.  Which means what?
You can now blow by him with ease. You need to fully commit, your whole body, otherwise, the defender won’t pick up on it at all. Simple as that.
3. Most Players Are Crossing Over Incorrectly.
This one is HUGE.  I’ve seen plenty (hundreds) of different trainers teach the cross over flat-out wrong.  As a result, players do it wrong.  And that’s something you picked up on watching
college ball.  And there is a reason for this.  That reason, is outlined in this presentation:
Whether it be season playoffs, AAU tryouts, Or you just wanna get better…
A crossover is something that NEEDS to be in your toolkit. Without it, it’s almost impossible to play college ball as a guard.

SDH Presents Behind the Back Dribble Crossover Tips …
When you’re first learning how to do the behind the back crossover dribble in basketball it can be a bit tough. Getting this move down takes some practice, but not just any practice – smart practice! Follow the tips in this video to …

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Individual Basketball Shooting Drills

Individual Basketball Shooting Drills

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Watch More Shooting Videos

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How To Improve Basketball Explosiveness

Blast By Your Defenders

You know, I’ve gotten countless emails over the past couple of weeks, from players asking how to blow past their defender, kind-of how Derrick Rose used to do (can’t wait until he’s back, btw),
or someone like Dwayne Wade.

It’s actually pretty simple. And today I’m going to outline the equation that you need.

Body Positioning + Explosion + Ball Placement = Blowing Past ANYONE

You need to have all three though, not just one. Not two. All three. Today, I’m going to go over the Body Positioning.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

See, when you set your defender up to blow past him, it’s important that you do a couple of things. One being that you stay low.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players set up everything other than stay low, do you know what happens?  You don’t get past your defender, he just slides with you, defending
you with ease.

Notice how D. Wade constantly is in a stance and is low enough to give himself a TON of leverage over his defender, allowing him to easily blow by someone for an easy two points. If you’ll also notice, he’s constantly playing on his toes, ready to read-and-react to anything the defense is throwing at him.

Get off your heels, and get in the game guys.  Stay low and play on your toes, and I think you’ll notice an awesome improvement in your ability to blow past someone.

But of course, we can’t ignore the fact that he’s explosive.  I mean, you can’t deny that. No one can. So how do we as players get to that point?

That exact answer is outlined in DETAIL to you in this presentation I put together for you guys, don’t miss out, it won’t be up for long:

How To Explode With The Ball Like D. Wade (In 30 Days?)

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How To Improve Your Basketball Crossover Skills

Improve Your Crossover

If you’re JUST a catch and shoot basketball player, defenses WILL pick up on that.  And when they do, it’s a wrap from there. They’ll know exactly how to guard you to make
you obsolete during the game.
But with you venturing out, and adding a crossover to your arsenal and you can shoot? Now that’s deadly. Because now the defense won’t know what to do. Will he shoot? Will he cross and drive?
Will he cross and pull up? The possibilities are endless.
Here a few tips to improve your crossover:
1)  On your initial crossover, STAY LOW.
This is pivotal in your basketball training.   If you’re not low on the crossover, what’s going to happen? The ball will either get stolen, or you’ll get cut off by the defense.
2) Use your shoulders and full body to crossover. 
A lot of the time I see players just try and crossover with a stiff upper body.  That’s not believable. The way a crossover will be effective is if you actually lean in, move your shoulders, and make
the defender truly BELIEVE that you’re going to go one way while going the other.
3) Be efficient with your crossover training.
The reason being, if you’re in season right now, you want to save your energy for the game.  All the meanwhile still working on your crossover and getting it to where it needs to be.
This is where, 7 Minute Crossover basketball training program comes into play.  See this is the problem that most basketball players run into, they’re already tired from the season. And guess what they do? They work more and more and more. Trying to get better. They just dig themselves into a hole to the point where the work doesn’t help them anymore if anything, it hurts them.
So by the time game day comes around, they’re tired, and not going to perform at their best.
That’s where 7 Minute Crossover is different.  It works your crossover efficiently and the correct way. While still keeping you fresh and ready to go.  In only 7 short minutes, you’re able to cross
the ball over like a straight BOSS.
Once again, everything is filmed, and they go through the crossover workout with you guys.  If you still want more crossover tips, check out this quick presentation they put together.
All about what YOU can do to fix your crossover: ===> 7 Minute Crossover
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How To Deal With Overly-Aggressive Basketball Players?

How To Beat Aggressive Players

Now there’s nothing wrong with being aggressive in basketball. But you can easily go OVER-board with it rather quickly.  And to be completely honest, players like that were my favorite to have guard me.

Why?  Because I’d make them look like a fool. Straight up. With a simple jab, a simple pump fake, a simple pass fake, they’ll bite almost every single time. And for some of you more advanced basketball players, hit him with a quick crossover, as you create space, notice how far he leans in trying to get the steal.  While he’s going for the ball, you’re already midway to the hoop, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Use their aggressiveness against them, that’s the easiest way to beat them. Opportunities like this are when you use your newly gained explosiveness that you got from Explosion Academy.

Everything You Need To Know About Explosion Academy.

1. What if you don’t have 30 days right now?

That’s completely fine. As basketball players, or just humans in general, the coaches understand that we have other plans and that it’s not always possible to get a solid month of free time.

Between school, work, and other responsibilities you might have, it’s tough sometimes. That’s why they’ve made it so once you’re in the Member’s Area, you have LIFETIME ACCESS. Literally.

If you wanted to get on 70 years from now, guess what? It’s there for you to use. They’ve had a couple of players that even did that last time we released it. They didn’t have time right away.

So they got it, and they did it three months later. The hard part is snagging a spot before they all fill up.  Last time I checked there was about 36 spots left?

2. How long does each workout take?

Each basketball workout varies from about 15 minutes to about an hour, with a couple minutes here or there. They shouldn’t take much longer, so there’s really no excuse to not have time to do them.

3. When will it be up again?

To be honest, I have no idea. They are thinking about taking it down for good, and will probably end up doing this after the rest of the spots fill up. In the next couple of days, it should be done, filled up, and it’s OUTTA HERE.

Explosion Academy Is OPEN (Not For Long, Only 36 Spots Left)


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What’s The Most Important Basketball Skill?

What’s the one skill that every basketball player should have?

Really think about it.  It is athleticism? Shooting? Passing? What’s the answer?  I’ll get to that in just a second, but first I wanted to talk about injuries and the “secret” to getting past them, back to a healthy state.  You rest of course.  And you rest some more. With a bit of icing here and there.  Far too often I see players make their injuries worse by playing on them, thinking that one day off to regenerate is going to kill them.  It’s not. Your skills will be exactly where they are after a day or two off, no biggie.

The important thing is to stay healthy, because if you’re not, and you end up making it worse, you’ll be out for a whole lot longer than a couple of days.  Be smart and think about the future. What’s better: Taking a day off, and being back to where you were (healthy) OR playing with an injury and end up staying out for a couple month due to a serious tear? I’ll let you answer that yourself.

However, to answer the question I asked you guys in the beginning: What’s the one skill thatevery basketball player should have?

Every elite player has it. No matter what position, if you want to be a prolific scorer in your state, its extremely important that you learn this skill, or you’ll be left behind.

The skill is Ball-handling of course.  You can break presses, you can get to ANY spot on the court in a matter of seconds, but most importantly scouts LOVE it. They crave it.  A player who can dribble the ball well under pressure is exactly what they are looking for.

Ready to play college basketball?  Play College Basketball With THESE Ball-Handling Drills

Seriously, Explosion Academy has 15 spots left.  Sign up today, with my lifetime money back guarantee, no questions asked, so you have nothing to lose other than the ELITE-level explosiveness you’ll gain through the Academy.  

==========> Play College Basketball With THESE Ball-Handling Drills

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Basketball Dribbling Drills For Beginners

Beginner Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball Drills for Beginners | Elite Basketball Secrets
Basketball drills for beginners should include form shooting, dribbling techniques, passing, catching, starting & stopping, and two foot power layups. The drill should focus on proper backspin, follow through, and shooting the ball straight. Dribbling Technique.

Easy Basketball DrillsDribbling – Life123
Dribble up to the corner at half court, cross over again and dribble up to the corner of the opposite side paint. For this drill, set yourself so that one leg is pointed ahead of the other, in what’s referred to as the “triple threat” (which means that you can shoot/dribble/pass out of this position)

Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Workout Program

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Importance of Having Quality Basketball Drills for Beginners
Incorporating some fun basketball drills for kids into the routinely practices may give kids extra incentive to practice harder while having fun. For a beginner, dribbling drills are a great start. The player may begin by standing in …

Easy To Learn Basketball Drills For Beginners | Triathlon …
But before the offensive and defensive drills, ball handling should be tackled first. Ball handling is very important especially for kids who are just starting to learn to play basketball. So step one is to hold the ball correctly. Handling the ball …

Basketball Dribbling Drills Video

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How to Teach Youngsters to Dribble a Basketball
Since the dribble can only begin and stop one time it is in a player’s …. An
excellent drill for beginners is to simply take a basketball with you everywhere
you go.

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Learn How To Shoot A Floater

Shooting A Floater Like A Pro

In today’s video, Coach Tom explains how to shoot a FLOATER. This is a semi-advanced move that will allow you to get a shot off over a bigger defender and avoid collecting the offensive foul. Pros like Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Tony Parker use this shot to great effect, but make sure that you’re […]
Source: Online Basketball Coaching

More tips on how to shoot a floater:

How to shoot a Basketball Floater, Tear Drop or Runner ...How to shoot a Basketball Floater, Tear Drop or Runner …
Feb 3, 2014 Learn how to shoot the basketball floater, tear drop or runner with a few easy
steps. Mastering the floater will help you become a tough player to …

how be a baller

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How to shoot a floater | Coach Steve - basketballcoach.caExamining Mike Conley’s unorthodox right-handed floater – Grizzly …
3 days ago Each one of the aforementioned players shoots the floater a bit differently, but
none of them shoot it like Conley. A predominantly left-handed …

How do you shoot a floater in basketball – Answers.com
To shoot a floater in basketball normally you will want to be in or right around the
paint but close to the hoop, the take off like you are doing a layup depending on …

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Basketball Coaching Tips

Basketball Coaching Websites

Basketball Classroom


If you are looking for some basketball coaching tips, then Basketball Classroom is the resource you need.  This basketball coaching website includes over 150 training videos that include a variety of drills and workouts for any level.  They also have some great printable practice plans that are practice ready.  Take a look below at all of the different topics covered in Basketball Classroom:

  • End game strategies
  • Zone offense tips
  • Motion offense tips
  • Plays designed for the end of the game
  • How to run a great basketball practice
  • Timeout strategies
  • Dealing with parents
  • How to get your team to score more points
  • Man to man defense plays
  • Interview for basketball coaching jobs tips
  • Tips to stop the dribble drive offense
  • Best Tryout procedures
  • Forming roster strategies
  • Tip off drills
  • Baseline out of bounds plays
  • Zone defense beating plays
  • Assistant coaches tips
  • Quick hitting transition plays
  • Handling substitutions
  • Basketball fundraising ideas
  • Scouting advice
  • Plays to increase inside scoring
  • Out of bounds plays
  • Guide to implementing the flex offense
  • Much more


Click below to learn more about this great basketball coaching website and get 5 FREE bonuses with extra basketball coaching tips!

Basketball Classroom