How to Lower Your Golf Handicap & Break 80

Learn How To Lower Your Handicap

Like every other golfer, I am always trying to improve my golf game and reach my highest potential.  If you plan to play your best golf ever this year, you may be surprised how easy it can be.

My good friend Jack Moorehouse is considered one of the best golf guru’s in the country and he’s here to help you with his best-selling golf ebook, “How to Break 80…And Shoot Like the Pros.”  I have talked him into “not” raising the price of his book as he stated he would, so I want you to hurry and get this gem while it’s still half price.

It’s “jam-packed” with easy and simple golf drills, strategies and advice that will quickly improve your distance, accuracy and handicap.  This is the BEST time to do this golf training program.  You have a little extra time, so let’s get after it!

By the way, Jack’s including a special bonus called  ’25 Lessons To Improve Your Game Immediately’, plus 3 other bonuses, but I’m not sure how long they’ll last, so rush to  He is also offering a 90-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the book simply return it. But, once you get into his drills, I highly doubt that you’ll need that guarantee.

how to break 80

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In Just 30 Minutes a Few Days A Week, You Could Have The Answer To Professional Ball Handling That Leads To Scoring More Points, Getting More Attention From Scouts And Becoming The Leader That Your Team Needs…
“Brand New Unusual “Attack Style” Ball Handling Training Quickly Turns Average Guards Into Instant Scoring Freaks…”

What The Pros Are Saying:

Being capable of handling the ball is exactly what separates the excellent guards through the great guards. It’s amazing at how well Coach Rocky trains ball-handling and takes ball-handling to a different level.

Andrew Davison, Former CBA Basketball Player

I’ve been training with Coach Rocky for a time now I can tell you that him helping me master check out moves changed my game. His techniques are section of the reason I was a Mcdonald’s All-American, An NCAA All-American with the University Of North Carolina now a player within the WNBA.

Chay Shegog, WNBA Player

I wasn’t even recruited in high school graduation and I was completely overlooked. Then I did start to train with Coach Rocky and my game exploded. I ended up earning a scholarship and scoring over 2,000 points within my college career.

Tim Turner, Overseas Basketball Player
What Our Players Are Saying?

Coach Roc is an extremely knowledge trainer and coach, that is extremely obsessed with making his athletes, not just be the best basketball players they can be, but the best people they may be.

Mitchell L’ Allier,

Coach Rock’s programs are definitely some of the best overall skills programs that I have experienced! I’ve trained with Coach Rocky personally with the Freak Basketball Camps and what I learned helped my game!

Kevin Sawyer, College Basketball Player

My ballhandling and overall entire game has gone through the roof since I started training with Coach Rocky. He is one of the many reasons I play division 1 basketball at this time.

Carlton Carter, Division 1 Basketball Player

My Game Has completely changed since I began training with coach Rock his methods and techniques are AMAZING!

Clay Gardner,

Coach Rocky has produced a huge difference in my game. Because of training with him I was nominated to All-State in Virginia and I am now a high level division 1 prospect.

Lucas Washington, Virginia 6A All-State Player

Coach Rocky Ullah’s has evolved my game and it may be incredible. When he released 7 Deadly Moves I absolutely begun to dominate being able to breakdown my man easy.

Axel Kerr,
Here’s What You Get:
Elite Level Ball Handling Skills
The best ball handling moves
Confidence to dominate in games

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Surf Ski Supremacy
Are you prepared to fly?

We’ve all already been through it. Surf Skiers float so effortlessly over the water, you simply can’t wait to hit the surf and flex your natural talent. Eager to the purpose of antsy, you watch the week count right down to play while you daydream of your respective natural grace conquering the ocean. The surf skiers glide so effortlessly, you can’t wait to show off. Minutes trickle into days, you couldn’t possibly wax another inch of ski, last but not least you get your chance…

Your possibility to humiliate yourself. Triumph turns tragic, hopes dashed, sunshine never seemed so stupid, and salt water never so bitter. You’re inside sunshine, around the beach, doing something you’re obsessed with, why are you scowling? Nobody wants to fail, and it’s hardly fun to struggle. The old adage “the easier they create it look, the harder it probably is” holds no exception here. The smooth grace of an surf skier doesn’t just happen, it’s some smart execution and use.

I can’t practice for you personally, but I can show you how to get your face out of your surf along with the wind within your hair. I can educate you how you can work smarter, not harder.

We’re all individual in our reasons and passions because of this sport. Fun. Exercise. Grace. Mine could be the quest for perfection. There’s always something to boost, and tomorrow’s always a result of today. It’s an excellent success has always outweighed pride for me, or I would’ve quit a long time ago. When I was starting, so hungry for satisfaction, I looked everywhere for guidance. Back when I started surf skiing, information was sparse and limited to poor quality manufacturer websites, ethically ambiguous salesmen and individual discover how.

So to learn, I was basically dependant on the sportspeople around me, gathering and gleaning their wisdom through conversation and the synchronized experimentation of undergoing exactly the same journey of tribulation and effort.

As you’ve experienced, little has changed. This deficiency of guidance and education effected my speed of progress and methods tremendously. This book will be the most comprehensive document about surf skis which can be found today. If only I had known the straightforward trick on the way to gauge the correct amount of leg length, so that I could find the correct ski- so crucial for control; instead of been subject to the salesman whose ambition is his commission, not my success. Or the single most reliable tool to improve your race starts.

What I would have given to have an opportunity similar to this book to get guided through the pitfalls and nuances of the most technical sport. There’s a reason your arms get so tired, plus your pace is really sluggish. There’s another method to correct it.

Underneath the fluidity of skiing is surely an intricate connection of details, and within this book we’ll analyze these individually and collectively, in order to adjust and perfect the specific problems inside your delivery, as well as comprehend the big picture of all these small steps. Stop struggling. Start surfing.

We’ll analyze in detail:

How to address your paddle efficiently. It’s not about thrashing harder. Wait until the thing is that these simple tricks
The secret to balance. No yoga classes or philosophical Zen necessary
The answer to the right ski. What you shouldn’t buy, even though it’s plenty.
Why you can’t stick to your board. You’ll wonder the reason why you ever couldn’t.
The sabotage of fine intentions. Change these simple outlooks and prevent being your personal worst enemy
How for being one while using ski as well as the ocean. Think less. Surf more.
Why your arms are really tired along with your pace can be so slow. Who wants to put out the most effort and get the least results?
Passion is personal. We’ve all got our details, our personal motivations behind satisfaction and drive. We all wake up, complete thing . more. I ventured into surf skiing following a youthful time of surfboarding in Australia. I personally take pleasure in the technical mastery important to fly within the water. Maybe you thirst for tranquility or grace. Whatever your reasoning, there’s always;

Hours with the beach
Chasing the exhilaration of catching the following big wave
Spending time with compatible friends
Sharing surf with dolphins, whales, and stingrays
Open water fishing
The nimble rush of flying
When I started surf skiing last ‘08, I found it very difficult to find information about almost anything to do with this sport. I was alone with my passion. As I encountered others coupled inside my drive, I took notes individuals shared challenges and recorded my evolution using their experiences. This is why this book exists.

A presentation with the issues I faced while studying how to conquer the surf, my hope is to educate you on these similar challenges, to enable you to push far above your limitations into something worthwhile and satisfactory.

This book is the culmination of many years of collection, of testing and looking all the recorded information I’ve find regarding this glorious art. It covers sets from riding inside the surf to the hows and whys of shopping for a second hand ski, to conditioning your system for the obstacles ahead, to tricks and tips for putting that hard earned physique to make use of. Things I found easy, hard, and interesting. Things that improved me, and stuff that didn’t.

This book is intended, which is, probably the most comprehensive document about surf skis available today. Most importantly, have some fun. There’s grounds you’ve devoted your leisure time. Nobody however, you is riding the ski. Heavens knows, I’ve enjoyed the ride, buying the knowledge about this fantastic, strenuous sport, and reaping the main advantages of my own diligence and mastery. Below I’m gonna illustrate some in the things I’ve encountered within my struggles. I hope they make your free time that considerably more fantastic.
As you develop your skills and master your control, things can be easier. You’ll quit struggling for balance and become hungry for speed. You’ll start noticing the details of the horizon, to make sense in the world. Time will slow, and effort become leisure. You’ll stop worrying and commence smiling, until naturally that gets inevitably boring, and you also find yourself worrying about something inherently more pleasurable than giving the impression of an idiot. Like beating the opposite guy.

Over many years, I’ve compiled elementary to intermediate techniques to stop failing and start sailing. The bottom line to success is practice and education, with these pro techniques, you’ll differ from a thrashing spectacle to some nautical bullet. Armed using the impressive education of the comprehensive manual, you’ll shatter records you merely drooled about before, and revision your whole goal outlook. Quit squandering your time and frustrating yourself. Quit giving the other guy bragging rights.

Baby steps.

This is a complete excerpt from my book. With thrill comes cunning, and we’re all brothers about the wave. White water will be the first major obstacle you’ll encounter when paddling in the ocean. I’ve analyzed and outlined the basic 3 stroke method you’ll find so necessary to obtain you over the waves and back to the race each time. It’s the initial step to giving the impression of a pro. Enjoy.

“White water- 3 strokes

When you begin paddling to the ocean, the very first obstacle you will hit may be the white water of broken waves when paddling out. If you’ve followed all of the balance and technique guidelines approximately this point, and also difficult to obtain through this whitewater river, all you need to do is add the next fundamental guidelines in your paddling skills toolset.

Approach the wave at once. If you’re coming in an angle, it’ll be much more tough to maintain balance
You need to concentrate on getting the subsequent three paddling strokes correct when you obtain to the wave:
The first stroke should go into the water prior to the broken wave extends to you. Try to complete the stroke as you hit the whitewater river. Maintain your posture.
The second stroke needs to be inserted right into the middle of the white water, pulling you over and through.
The final stroke should fluidly be placed for the other side of the wave, within the clean water again. I say fluidly because you do not wish to stop/start stroking from the wave, it needs to be fluidly executed as if there was no switch to what you were doing prior to wave.
Keep practicing that 1-2-3 punch so you will have no problems negotiating white water. Sometimes the truth is experienced paddlers really …”
Salesmen are available to do their job. Depending about the talent, ethics, and beliefs in the individual salesman will define their job inside a very large spectrum. The best salesmen (and the wonderful men do exist and thrive within their skill set) comprehend the symbiotic relationship between buyer and seller, and educate and retrofit your notions and desires in the best practical solution on your wants and needs. These men understand their (as well as your) craft, and will help guide you into a ski that’s both affordable and in your needed specs.

And then there’s the used car salesman type. Blinded by mediocrity, fueled from the scent of your respective wallet, this guy’s trying to acquire through college one sale at a some time to he assumes that simply like with cars, one of the most expensive you have to be the best.

The sad the truth is that he’s probably in the same way ignorant while you on that which you should and do want, but being inside position of authority, the guy can bullshit you into something you don’t need that may ultimately sabotage your progress and enjoyment. Don’t be taken in by children and jackals. Within this book I go on the entire buyers checklist, showing you what to consider and expect in a new and used craft.

The single most important aspect is leg length. Appropriate leg length is vital when surf skiing, both for your balance and on your power and drive over the water. You want your legs reasonably straight, however, not so much that you can’t straighten the crooks to help with balance and power

I’ll show you a failsafe trick for determining your perfect leg length inside the book, as well as a complete listing of other crucial variables you should be educated on prior to making your purchases.
There’s been plenty of hype lately inside fitness industry about core strength and fitness, with due cause. Flavor with the Month and media buzz aside, your core muscles- from a shoulders down to your groin have a very direct correlation to your functional fitness, a jargon-worthy word meaning the benchmark for your aptitude and fitness together with your daily activities; from taking out the trash to rescuing your daughters stranded kitten, and everything in-between.

Outside of isolated gym exercises, hardly anything one does with the body doesn’t make use of core. When you core muscles begin to give out from fatigue, the same is true your game directly, whatever it is, from basketball towards the bake sale, role model to show off, nothing includes a more direct affect your general fitness and subsequent energy levels.

Paddling, the central backbone mechanic to surf skiing could be the most effect core workout you could ever possibly devise. A blend of total body exercise with both a push and pull mobility, a vital interval exercise; correct paddle posture uses your whole body with supreme efficiency.

When you paddle correctly, every muscle with the body is needed, most especially your legs and back muscles. There’s several really awesome dynamics interconnected here. One of them is a phenomenon called Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPEOC as it’s been cleverly anagrammed. What this means is, when you perform anaerobic exercise, intrinsically; after you intensely exercise parts of your muscles, your metabolism stays elevated to offer the recovery the body needs to restore its depleted resources. The larger the muscle used, the longer essential for recovery, resulting in the more calories burned.

In conjunction with this phenomenon could be the pure raw aerobic ingredient of it. An hour of moderate intensity paddling burns about 430 calories for the 180lb male. This is why surf skiers, kayakers, and rowers have such powerful, lean physiques.

The is a result of exercise come from the exercise itself, depending about the energy systems it utilizes. Endurance exercisers look it, their body has decimated away the unnecessary tissue. On the flip from the coin, power lifters volumize into dense thick muscle, along with between, are the sportsters utilizing both energy systems. Basketball players, sprinters, skiers. How do you desire to look naked?

On top from the intense caloric expenditure and profound affect your general fitness levels from such effective core training, one of the most affected muscles from rowing include the legs and back, as I just said. According to Times Online, among many sources, a V shaped torso is both probably the most attractive build for the man, in accordance with women, as well as the most an indication of higher social status, in accordance with both sexes. A V shaped torso broadcasts power and health, commands attention and respect.

Improve your swing movement. Get the girl. Ooze confidence and seal the offer.

Of course, everyone knows about the many benefits of exercise. Life is unfortunately easier said than done. But the facts about exercise we discover so damnable inside the first place? Is it too difficult? Or just too boring?

Who has time to think about your maximum heart rate zone when you’re being chased by a breaking wave, or navigating from the currents while battling through white water? Few gyms possess a view with the ocean at sunset, and exactly how often would you share an awesome down session having a playful dolphin? More likely you receive stuck beside some chatty guy with enough back hair to export. When’s the last time you conquered the ocean while getting in the best shape of the life?

If you’re just beginning from surf skiing, you have quite the journey ahead. This sport can be a blast. Engineering has developed the lake craft into an aerodynamic bullet, whether riding through waves or blazing over flat water. If you want to get fit, both mentally and physically, if you love being challenged and thrilled, in case you appreciate water — river, lake, or sea — riding a surf ski will reward you with techniques very few things can.

Behind the easy design, these nimble craft require precision plus an educated approach. As you begin this sport, you’ll see the necessity of learning the best way to crawl first, then walk and run, before you decide to spread your wings to fly.

Anyone can sink a paddle in the surf. Behind every do is often a thousand don’ts.

For a limited time, I’m providing the mantelpiece of my efforts and education, compacted and refined right into a complete guide, covering everything from a Buyers Guide, Training, and Drills to Skills, Techniques, Know-How, Theory, Coaching, and much more.

I’ll demonstrate which ski to acquire, how you can set it up, find balance on it, and use balance explosively and expertly. I’ll get you through the white water, by education of technique and fitness.

Before this book, a surf ski education was restricted to coaching and experimentation. A single coaching lesson could be double, even triple the only cost of this book, and that’s one of many. Coaching is undoubtedly a worthy investment, but why waste so much time and money about the fundamentals when you can educate yourself, and obtain yourself to the coach ready stage much sooner. Each with the fundamentals I cover throughout this book would please take a multitude of lessons to approach. Since my beginning of surf skiing, I’ve been coached by legendary Stuart Keay and Trudy Holt. Most of the corrections to my technique have come using their vast experience and knowledge. Stuart has won Gold Medals in Queensland, Australia and World events in Surf Lifesaving Surf Ski events.

This book is not intended to replace coaching. As I’ve stated numerous times to date, this is really a very technical sport, heavily reliant on deft technique and fundamentals. I suggest a good coach, it is unfathomably worth it. However, we’re all busy. Without dedication and grit, coaching could be too time-consuming and expensive to get you with the learning curve. Don’t waste your serious amounts of frustrate yourself from happily pursuing an incredible sport with tremendous rewards. Stop floundering. Earn bragging rights. Success happens when knowledge meets opportunity. Are you ready?

Save yourself the trouble as well as I couldn’t. I know what sort of information is on the market, I’ve been surfing for it since the beginning. This guide radically changes what’s intended for information. I’ll guide you over the steps of Novice Day One, metamorphosing you from a struggling newbie to someone capable of traverse fathoms of distance, in a position to fly with the breakers at ocean beaches, and catch waves back in.

This is much more than most people you are going to ever meet will probably be capable of, a laudable accomplishment by itself. If this is you, this book is for you. I have written it outlining the basic principles which will allow you to get crawling. Then you will find skill refinements that will see you walking and running. Finally there are drills and suggestions to ready you to fly over the water, as you never imagined you might.

Get one step ahead before somebody else does. Let’s hit the beach.

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The key to their success lies once more with the quarterback. Cincinnati’s defence has its key pieces still together and a consistent cheap oakleys outlet Dalton will be worth wonders. quarter back Andy DaltonThe impact of outgoing Jay Gruden has yet to be fully felt, but newly promoted offensive coordinator Hue Jackson could have a positive impact on Dalton’s cheap football jerseys development, having done the same with Carson Palmer years earlier. As I said in the last segment, I said that you do not use English to control the direction that a cue ball goes towards and object ball and it will not change the direction that the object ball takes. Now, let’s take a little further look at cheap jerseys wholesale it and see, again, what it looks like in a little different set up. The game is set in a dystopian 2053. Basketball is outlawed after Charles Barkley accidentally dunked so hard that it destroyed New York City, killing 15 million people. That is not our joke description. That’s actually the plot of the game. For some reason, Michael Jordan is the enforcer who hunts down and kills rogue basketball players because it takes a jammer to catch a jammer?The sap contained a chemical called lactucarium, which in large doses has an effect on the body similar to cocaine. At the harvest festival each year, naked, geeked out Egyptians would play various games, the most important of which was climbing a giant pole, with special prizes for anyone who reached the top. We’d have thought the award would go to the person who could climb up and down the poll over and over again in a rhythmic motion, but we didn’t write the rules.The Augusta National very publically admitted its first female members in 2012, businesswoman Darla Moore and former Wholesale China Jerseys secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. This was a huge step for a club that had set huge store by being able to dictate its own terms. The two women join a group of men almost unrivalled in power and wealth.If the mechanic doesn’t do their job, the plane is probably going to eventually crash, if it’s able to take off in the first place.So many of us fail to see the purpose, or importance of our work. In some cases, it doesn’t mean much. [Yes, I know that feeling.]For many, what they do has real value even if it isn’t self evident.Teachers, parents, coaches. Anthony Hargrove Saints Defensive Tackle Hargrove was required to fill the big shoes of much missed and injured Sedrick Ellis, and he did this with some aplomb. After finding himself, and the rest of the run defence, culpable for an early 66 yard touchdown run by DeAngelo Williams, Hargrove set about solidifying the Saints soft under belly to keep the score competitive. He did this by filling the middle channels forcing Williams and Stewart into congestion and slowing down the Panthers progress. Yes he got penalised for a stupid penalty early on but he learnt from it and applied himself diligently to the team cause. This high work rate was later rewarded with a forced fumble recovery for a touchdown Wholesale Jerseys late in the 4th to see out the Saints win.

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Kennedy decided to retaliate in the most efficient way possible: by producing a feature length documentary called Heckler, which promised to turn the tables on cowardly hecklers by, you know, heckling them. Despite its name, much of the documentary’s runtime is dedicated to Kennedy going after the professional critics who didn’t like his movies, in an apparent effort to prove that film critics are the real hecklers. This mostly consists of Kennedy sitting down for awkward interviews, reading reviewers their own reviews of his films aloud (complete with rampant mispronunciation of any word beyond three jordan sale syllables), and then uncomfortably asking them why they hate cheap jerseys him personally.An NFL prospect has apologised for comments he made in a video in which he says Polynesians dating each other is considered taboo.The 21 year old, from a Samoan family, is a college football player at the University of Washington (in Seattle) and has proven to be hugely popular with fans.Danny Shelton has proven to be hugely popular with fans at Washington University. Photo / APHowever, he is facing a backlash from the Pacific and Samoan community after comments he made were posted online last week. In the clip, he discusses dating and the fact he has never been out with a Samoan or Polynesian girl out of fear they may be related.”You sit there with your girl and she starts talking about family stuff and then all of a sudden she says a name that you know and all of a sudden it’s like: ‘Oh s, we might be related’.” His comments about Polynesian couples being “taboo” have been of particular concern with people from around the world blasting Shelton on social media sites.”Just the thought of people dating the same culture, Polynesians dating other Polynesians. You never see it nowadays. It’s always been kind of like . a taboo type of thing. You don’t see people dating the same race,” he said.Hawke’s Bay TodayMcDonald’s ‘stabbing’ in Napier Two people were taken to hospital after a fight in Napier McDonald’s last night.A pick by pick analysis of the first round of the 2016 NFL draft. The Rams, who traded up to the top of the draft to select a quarterback, chose Goff over North Dakota State Carson Wentz, who Oakley Sunglasses Outlet was selected second by the Eagles. Laremy Tunsil dropped down the draft board after a Twitter hack, and that was just the beginning of it. Mike DiGiovannaMike Hunter (Greenville, South Carolina)The Bounty Hunter was a top contender in the heavyweight division who finished the sport with a record reading 26 7 2 with 8 knockouts. Cheap NFL Jerseys He was a sparring partner to the stars so to speak. As a pro he showed promise with his slick moves but never lived up to his potential especially on offense. He chose to lay back and give away rounds even when it appeared he could steal the fights.

Baseball Pitching Drills and Workouts

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Pitching 365

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Features of Pitching 365 pitching program

  • 3 Different Pitcher Stretching Routines to prevent injury and improve flexibility.

  • 6 Unique Weight Training Routines for Pitchers Divided Into Seasons: Pre-Season, In-Season, Post-Season, and Off-Season Workouts

  • 4 Hip and Core Strength and Stretching Workouts that will help create more power in your pitches.
  • Pitching Conditioning Exercise Program that has many different sprint and long distance exercises that will help improve your pitching performance.

  • Baseball Pitcher Speed and Agility Training workouts that are designed to give you more explosiveness and more speed on your pitches.

  • Plyometrics exercise program that will give you even more explosiveness as a pitcher.

  • Comprehensive Throwing Program that includes bullpen, flat grounds, long toss, and short toss drills.
  • Goal Setting tips and advice that will help you set pitching goals, long and short term.

  • Monthly workout calendars that lay out what you need to do every day and to see what is coming.
  • Daily workout schedule to help you stay on track with your goals.

  • Pitching Drills that will help you refine your mechanics of your pitching delivery.

  • Pitching grip tutorials and how to throw a variety of pitches.

  • Tips on how to increase your pitch velocity, pitch control and how to get more pitch movement.

For more information on our top rated pitching workout then visit

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