2 Simple Basketball Dribbling Tips

2 Simple Basketball Dribbling TipsEver watched an NBA playoff and realized how great your favorite point guard is at handling the rock?   First thing, notice that ball handling, does not only increases your game, but others’ game as well by stretching the defense, making it easier for players to attack, shoot, etc.  Notice any ELITE player in the game today, doesn’t even have to be college, NBA, overseas, NCAA, even some top high school players.
What do they all have in common?  They all can handle the heck outta the rock.  I mean, they can dribble, and literally get to anywhere on the court in a matter of seconds with ease.  So these are the tips I’m going to share with you today. Ready?
1. Use your fingertips when you dribble. 
Don’t use your palm.  Your dribble is going to come out weak, unstable, and you will easily lose the ball.  Instead, dribble with your finger tips, constantly pounding the ball hard into the ground.  
2. Protect the ball when dribbling. 
This is something that I see players far too often screw up on. They do everything correctly, but end up leaving the ball in front of them, exposed.  The defender swipes and boom, the ball is lost
and it’s going the other way.  Instead, seal the defender off with your body if you’re driving, drop that shoulder and protect the ball with your body. 
If you’ll notice, any great point guard do that A LOT. Every single time the opponents would crowd him or guard him up close, he would simply stick his body out and put himself in between the defender and the ball, so they couldn’t get to it.
For more basketball ball handling tips visit Effective Ball Handling!

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