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Preparing For A Triathlon:  Best Triathlon Training Programs

The Complete Guide to Sprint Triathlon Training
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Kevin Koskella & Ron Saetermoe

This triathlon training program is developed by two renowned triathlon trainers, Keven Koskella and Ron Saetermoe.  They have been training athletes around the world for years to reach their personal best in triathlons and have put together a proven and perfected triathlon formula for the public.  The plan is extremely simple to follow with a easy to understand training plan for your next triathlon.  It included everything you need to know about training for a triathlon including cycling, swimming, running, strength training, nutrition, rules, equipment, and much more.

Check out what’s included in their new guide called The Complete Guide to Sprint Triathlon Training:

  • sprint triathlon training guide_optComprehensive sprint training program that includes both advanced and beginner plans.
  • 3 easy swimming techniques that will improve your time.
  • 3 methods to reducing recovery time.
  • How to improve running endurance in 3 simple steps.
  • 2 important and easy things to do to improve your race day confidence.
  • Learn what you should do when developing your triathlon training schedule.
  • How to breath more effectively when swimming.
  • 6 ways to improve your sprint triathlon time.
  • How to get triathlon gear on the cheap and save on training resources.
  • Tips on how to start the beginning of the triathlon.
  • Stretching recommendations to prevent injury during training and race day.

This is just a little of what you will learn with Kevin and Ron’s Sprint Triathlon Training guide.  They are also throwing in some awesome bonuses if you click on the link below!

⇒The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming:  Full triathlon swim workouts that will help you master the swimming portion of the triathlon.
⇒Ben Greenfield’s E-Health Handbook of Diet & Fitness Secrets:  Find out what you need to be eating and how to burn more fat during training.
⇒Interview With One of The Most Passionate and Inspiring Triathlon Coaches Chris Janzen

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