bozo bumping volleyball drill

Bozo Bumping Volleyball Drill

Volleyball Bumping Drill

Growing up as a kid I used to watch a program called Bozo the Clown.  They had all kinds of fun games, skits and clowning around.  I used to love watch kids play Bozo’s Buckets.  Truth be told, I still like playing it.   

Six buckets would be arranged in a line and the participant would be given ping pong balls.  The player would have to first try and get their ball into bucket 1, then bucket 2 and so on.  Each bucket would be just a little bit farther from the thrower than the last.  You couldn’t skip any buckets and you had to go in order.  

This is where this drill, Bozo Bumping, originates.  Locate some 20-35 gallon trash cans. If you are in a school, you should be able to locate at least six of them.  Otherwise, a local hardware store will have them.  

Line the buckets in progressing distance from the bumping line.  Have you or another player stand behind the last bucket with the balls.  Have your other players line up and get ready for Bozo Bumping.  

You toss the ball to the player and they have to bump the ball into bucket 1.  If they make it, they are still in the game and move to the back of the line.  If they miss, they are out till the next round.  

Each player bumps to bucket 1 until everyone has had a chance.  Now move onto bucket 2 and repeat until you reach the last bucket.  For those that miss, have them take a ball and bump to themselves a predetermined number in a row.  You can have them bump against a wall a certain number of times in a row too.  Have a reward for the person(s) who make bump it into bucket 6.  

This drill is excellent for passing control and passing accuracy.

1.    Throw from different angles to increase the difficulty.
2.    Use smaller buckets.  Five gallon buckets are extremely difficult.  Make sure you have some weight in the bottom to keep your buckets from tipping over.
3.    Do the same drill but have your players set the ball instead of bumping it.
4.    See how far the team can get doing it together.  Run the drill as before but the second person in line goes for bucket 2 and so on.  Remember, a miss means you start at the beginning.  
5.    Divide your teams into two groups and see which group completes Bozo Bumping first.  You will need more buckets for this option.

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