PGA Tour Player’s Golf Swing Secret Can Now Be Tested

Golf Swing Test

It has been found there may be one big swing difference between PGA Tour players and amateur golfers swings. And Jeff Richmond is now offering a golf swing test making sure that amateur golfers can test to ascertain if they’re swinging such as a PGA Tour player with this one critical aspect you aren’t.

According to Jeff Richmond, owner of The Golf Swing Test “if a golfer fails the swing check it out might be costing them around 50 yards in distance, causing them to greatly lack accuracy and prevent golfers from having any kind golfing consistency.

This one main golf swing technique difference was discovered after working much time analyzing and comparing the swings of PGA Tour players golf swings, and amateur golfers swings. The golf swing technique test was then created to ensure that every amateur golfer could quickly find out how their swing comes even close to exactly what a top professional golfer.

“It’s well known which the average golfer has never improved their handicap throughout the last 3 decades — in spite of every one of the improvements in equipment, course maintenance and golf instruction technology. And after discovering this blog swing action fault that many amateur golfers endure, I believe it’s several logic behind why most average golfers don’t improve just as much as they’d like.” says Jeff Richmond.

For details about The Golf Swing Test please visit to discover The Golf Swing Test amateur golfers must take.

golf swing test

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