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How To Play Tennis: Instructional Videos For Tennis Beginners


49 Step-by-step Tennis Training Drills Videos For All 6 Basic Tennis Strokes

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“How to Play Tennis” Training Course Features


  • Tennis Coaching by pro tennis coach Tomaz Mencinger
  • -49 Easy to follow tennis instruction videos
  • -Each of the 6 major tennis strokes are covered in great detail
  • -Videos can be viewed on any device; iOS, Android, Mac, or PC

3 tennis training modules:

  • 1-How To Play Tennis On The Baseline

    beginner tennis drills

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  • 2-How to Serve and Return
  • 3-How To Play Tennis At the Net

Videos cover the following tennis skills training drills:

  • -Forehand Groundstroke
  • -Backhand Groundstroke
  • -Tennis Serve Technique
  • -Return
  • -Volley
  • -Overhead

If you click below you also get the following great BONUSES Free

*Bonus “How We Learn Tennis” video series
*Bonus “7 Biggest Beginner Challenges And How to Solve Them” video series
tennis_strategy_guidetennis_mental_guide*Bonus “Mental Manual for Tennis Winners” Ebook
*Bonus “Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia” Ebook

If you want to learn how to play tennis better or simply begin to play tennis, this is an outstanding Tennis Training program.  Click below to learn more and watch more FREE tennis training drills!

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The Fluid Swing System

This is ground-breaking Tennis Learning System that will change the way you swing your tennis racket.  This is one of the most advanced tennis training programs online that is suitable not just for advanced players but will work for beginners as well.  Here’s quick overview of what is included in The Fluid Swing System:

  • -Exclusive Lifetime access to their website where you get access to all of their tennis instructional videos.
  • -Over 25 HD quality tennis videos and over 90 minutes of private video lessons.
  • -Covers the key contact point between the ball and tennis.
  • -Teaches you how to get in the best position that will help you develop a fluid swing.
  • -This will allow you to have the perfect contact point beginning with your stance and setup all the way through your swing motion.
  • -These tennis video lessons will show you how to use the 4 Impact Factors together to develop a consistent stroke.
  • -Also includes tennis swing bio-mechanics drills.

BONUSES Included With The Fluid Swing System:

7 Secrets to Solving Your Serve Mini Course:  Teaches you 7 easy and quick ways to improve power on your tennis serve.

Destroying Pushers and and Common Playing Styles:

  • -Fixes your tennis playing strategy flaws.
  • -How to fix mistakes when you are playing pusher style players.
  • -How to deal with players with different playing styles.
  • -3 easy pre-match steps to improve your confidence.

Shot Selection Practice That Directly Increases Match Wins: 

  • -New approach to practicing tennis drills.
  • -Learn how to reduce unforced errors.
  • -How to develop muscle memory for you swing changes fast
  • -How to get a natural feel for all of your shots all over the court.

tennis training drills_opt

Click below to learn more about The Fluid Swing Tennis training program and get instant access!

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