Thank You Mavericks

Jun 13, 2011 Featured, NBA

“The answer to the question everybody wants to know, LeBron, what’s your decision?” These were the words asked by Jim Gray, host of ESPN’s The Decision while asking free agent LeBron James where he will play. “Umm, in this fall, man this is tough, umm in this fall I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and um join the Miami Heat.”

Those infamous words by uttered by LeBron caused a backlash of many against him. It wasn’t just Cleveland Cavaliers fans that were outraged, it was many fans across the country that suddenly disliked him. Some think this was jealousy that he didn’t pick their team. I can’t speak for others but talk to anyone who spoke to me about this last summer: I did not want LeBron in Chicago. The whole media circus in Chicago and the rest of the country had me disgusted and I was hoping he wouldn’t pick the Bulls. I got my wish.

While LeBron’s team may have cost my team a trip to the finals and a possible championship, I’m confident enough D-Rose and crew will win one this decade. It was so much fun watching them this season. Some people think LeBron and the Heat will be back and maybe they will. However, most of the NBA fans are rejoicing at last night’s victory that the Mavericks prevented the Miami Heat from winning their second NBA Championship.

How LeBron James left is what got me and many others upset. If he just left and signed with the Heat with no media circus, no televised special, no drama, I’m sure people wouldn’t have really cared. I’m really disappointed at how far ESPN has fallen as well. In the early to mid 2000s, I watched ESPN like a religion. Then it became Yankess this, Red Sox that. Lakers this, Kobe, LeBron that. Tiger this, Favre that. It was just annoying as can be and I had enough. So I guess I should say I was not surprised but still pretty disgusted at ESPN allowing this to happen. Shouldn’t be a surprise with their “Heat Index” either.

Then, like immediately after he signed with the Heat. “One, Two, THREE” all the big trombones, the dancers, the crowd chanted “YES WE DID” when the Heat had a welcome party for LeBron and Chris Bosh joining D-Wade in Miami. “#6 LeBron James!!! #1 Chris BOSH! And #3 Dwayyyyyynnneee Waaaaaaddeeee! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDDDDD AND MAKE SOME NOOIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSEEE FOR YOUR MIAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!” Where were the other 12 players?

“This is, this surpasses a dream come true. You look at arguably the best trio ever to play the game of basketball.” Dwayne Wade said this before they even played one game, even though they only had and still do have just one ring between the three of them.

LeBron was asked how it felt to wear a Heat uniform. “It feels right, it feels right. We’re going to challenge each other in practice and once the game starts, it’s going to be easy. We’re going make the world know, not just this league, we’re going to make the whole world know that the Heat is back.” The presenter of the interview urged LeBron to talk about championships. “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven.” That’s right, zero.

Sadly the Heat still got to the Finals after early season struggles that were music to my ears. Paul Millsap went OFF on the Heat with the Jazz down by eight with like a minute to go. The fact that it was Miami’s home court was even sweeter. And who could forget Rudy Gay’s buzzer beater against LeBron in Memphis? That was so awesome.

I don’t have a problem Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh or the Miami Heat. It’s that guy: #6, that I cannot stand. He is a representation of everything wrong with America today. The spoiled brat, King James, wanting stuff handed to him on a silver platter. His birthday party that cost $500,000 that could’ve been used for a much better cause. Half a million dollars for a freaking birthday party, is that not insane?

I truly feel sorry for LeBron’s children: LeBron Jr. and Bryce James. I feel bad for them knowing they have to grow up with a dad like that who acts juvenile and not mature whatsoever. Reportedly he deflected questions at the press conference after game six and did not shake the hands of the Dallas Mavericks.

Can we just lay the claim to rest that LeBron will never be as good as Michael Jordan was? LeBron may have two MVP’s, Michael had five, and a rookie of the year award, which Jordan also won; however Michael was THE MAN when the Bulls won six championships. Jordan said he would never call up Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and ask them to team up because he said he wanted to beat them.

LeBron joined his friends and they got oh so close only to fail in their first season. What happens in the years to come remains to be seen. I will enjoy the summer knowing it was another year without LeBron getting a ring and watching the Welcome Party for comic relief. It does feel good to know I’ve never played a single game of organized basketball and that I have as many rings as LeBron does. Let’s just hope the Bruins can overcome a 3-2 deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals and the world will be 100% saved.