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More MLB Realignment Talk

So I wake up in the morning and one of the first things I see when check the daily news is that ESPN has two separate articles posted up about realignment. You can check those out here and here. One of which is exactly what I planned on writing about today. I’ve gotten a few comments about the post I wrote earlier where I laid out my plan for realignment. Obviously that was a sort of, “fresh start” plan and will never come to existence.

Today I chose to comment on a more realistic plan which includes the Houston Astros moving to the AL West to join the Rangers. This would even out the divisions (five teams per) as well as the leagues (15 teams per) in one swift move.

A move I like just a bit more but is probably a bit less likely is the Arizona Diamondbacks moving to the AL West and the Astros then moving to the NL West. The only reason I say this is less likely is because it would affect two teams rather than one.

Either way, regardless of what the final decisions will be, baseball should make a change as far as divisions. They are somewhat nice when your team is in a weak division. However too many teams with better records than teams that actually make the playoffs are sent home because they played in a tougher division. Lets just throw away the divisions and have all 15 teams play against each other evenly and the top four to six team reach the playoffs.

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