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Why the eventual best QB from this draft probably won’t even be the best with the team that drafted him.

Ryan Mallett has the big arm and the accuracy. He’s got feet, at least inside the pocket. He can read a defense well enough to have SEC defenses fear him. He’s also got off-the-field problems. Your Quarterback should be the leader of your team, and should set an example for everyone on your team to follow. He should set the mentality of the team, and let everyone know how things should be ran in the locker room. Basically, a coach on the field.

I mean, look at all the best quarterbacks in the league. Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees. All resemble their coach. All are leaders in the locker room. Then look at the major bust in the NFL. JaMarcus Russel and Ryan Leaf had no control in their locker room, and were really issues off the field.  Ryan Mallett has all the talent a Manning or Brady has, but these off the field issues put him to the 3rd round, where the Patriots drafted him. The Patriots are the best situation for Mallett to step into. Possibly the greatest ever at quarterback in front of him, a coach that will handle and crush all off the field issues, and a system that develops quarterbacks like no body’s business. Mallet probably won’t get to start for several years for the Patriots. So by the time he does get his chance, whether it be a few good pre-seasons, or waiting for Brady to leave, he will learn everything he needs to, and his off the field issues will be gone. Ryan Mallett’s talent + no concerns off the field = elite quarterback.