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Name: Paul

Location: Seattle sports fan located in the Southwest.

Beat: MLB and NFL

Bio: I have been a huge Seattle sports fan since 1995. I’m mostly looking forward to the Mariners and Seahawks consistently competing and hopefully bringing the city it’s first major sports championship since 1979.

Favorite Sports Memory: “The Double”. Edgar Martinez drives a double to the left field wall in the old Kingdome and Ken Griffey Jr. scores from first to beat the New York Yankees in the playoffs. The Mariners weren’t even supposed to reach the playoffs that season. They managed to mount one of the greatest late season rallies in sports history and defeated the Angels in a tie breaker.

Favorite Athlete: Ken Griffey Jr. and Shawn Kemp

Claim to Fame: Owner of Proudly served in the U.S. Army for 5 years and served a tour in Iraq.

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Name: Jon

Location: Brick, New Jersey

Beat: NHL, College Football, NFL & MLB

Bio: Ever since I was a little kid, I have always dreamed of being a sports writer. During my sophomore and junior years in high school, I served as the sports editor of my school newspaper. Next year when I am a senior, I will most likely be the editor in chief of the entire newspaper.

Favorite Sports Memory: Last year when the Philadelphia Flyers overcame a 3-0 series deficit to the Boston Bruins in the second round of the playoffs. Despite losing their starting goalie in game five, the Flyers continued to battle, and they would win that game, along with game six. In game seven, the Flyers fell behind early, 3-0 being the score. While that was the series lead at one point for the Bruins, the Flyers were able to battle back. Coming this far, the Flyers weren’t going to let game seven slip away, they battled back, and would comeback, and win the game 4-3, along with the series. It’s a shame that couldn’t happen this year.

Favorite Athlete: James Van Riemsdyk

Claim to Fame: Everyone in my school tells me I’m going to be working for ESPN one day. Whenever they have a question about sports, they come to me.

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Name: Ricky

Location: California

Beat: Tampa Bay Rays, San Jose Sharks, Forum Updates, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Golden State Warriors.

Bio: Born up a Warrior & Shark fan, became a Rays fan because the first ever forum I joined was a Rays forum, and we were always talking about the Bucs too, so they both grew on me. I’m a die hard fan now, none of that bandwagon stuff.

Favorite Sports Memory: Has to be the Warriors upsetting the Mavericks in the playoffs. And also the Rays beating the Red Sox to make it to the world series, it was crazy.

Favorite Athlete: Evan Longoria & Josh Freeman

Claim to Fame: I’m a pretty chill dude, and I love sports & music.

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Name: Corey

Location: Chicago area

Beat: Any of the four major sports.

Bio: I have a lot of experience. I served on my H.S.’s paper as sports editor and I was highly acclaimed for it. In May 2010 I was inducted into the International Quill and Scroll Society for journalism excellence. I was even more critically acclaimed for my work as a radio and sports announcer for varsity teams and for my radio show, which won a National award, which I claim to be one of my greatest feats. I also am a journalism student who has grown as a writer over the years.

Favorite Sports Memory: June 9, 2010. Game six of the Stanley Cup Finals. Chicago Blackhawks 3, Philadelphia Flyers 3. Patrick Kane fakes out, skates, puts the puck into the net that disappeared. The whole team goes nuts as no light or whistle was given. “The Stanley Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks” what a great feeling to hear those words by Mike Emerick. I was too young to appreciate the Bulls championships. It was so bad during the 2005 World Series and Super Bowl XLI was a heart breaker. Yet I was finally old enough to appreciate a major sports championship here.

Favorite Athlete: Too many to name. But I’ll say Wade Boggs and Steve Young.

Claim to Fame: My outstanding work as a high honor roll student that started in H.S. and continued in college. I received my diploma weeks back welcoming me into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I also got a writeup in a local newspaper for my award winning radio show.

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Name: Scott

Location: LI

Beat: Islanders Mets Non specific Yankees and football

Bio: Had an Islanders/general NHL blog (mostly Islanders through) from May 09 til Dec. 2010 and in Dec. 2010 the site got 20K unique visits. Ran into some IP trouble so the sites been down since then. Once the site gets up and running I probably won’t be around much.

Also I am on my school paper at school and will be sports editor next semester.

Favorite Sports Memory:

MLB: Either 06 playoffs or last weekend at Shea Stadium

NHL: Either Al Arbour night 11/3/07 or Friday Night Fights 2/11/11 vs Pit

NFL: Although they ended crappy the last 2 jet season because I had never really experienced consistent success like that before with any of my teams.

Claim to fame: Chill guy, love my isles and mets

Forum name: Phillies Suck